What music do you guys listen to?


Dream pop, pop/rock, rock, alternative, trance, and chillstep.


Mahalia Jackson


21 pilots, I’m totally obsessed


Rap this has been a crazy year for albums.

Albums this year from;

Kid Cudi
J Cold
Nicki Minsk
ASAP Rocky
Cardi B
Post Malone
Travis Scott
Jay z and Beyoncé collaboration
Jay stock
Black panther album by Kendrick
Pusha T


Cardi B has been big for me this year, I really dig her so much.


Thats sounds koo the less interruptions the better. I know a few artist but i mainly listen to it to find samples. But its nice to have some jazz playing in the morning with a cup of coffee


Yes her and post Malone’s albums were surprisingly very good


Louis Armstrong


Yea hes pretty good i can only name one song by him but its makes me feel good. My main artist i have on vinyl is roy ayers. And then i have a bunch of miscelaneous artist from like a bossa nova album by sergio mendez to stuff like gary burton and stanley clarke


I love Latin jazz. That’s what bossa nova is right?


I listen to all kinds of music genres. As cliched as that sounds. But my taste are very wide and varied.

These days I’m jamming to a lot of underground metal, and 60’s/70’s Soul groups.



Yea pretty much arthur verocai and sergio mendes are definately some artist to look up for the genre of jazz. And then donny hathaway has a bossa nova song im just not sure what its called right now


Just got the new aphex twin ep


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