What movies are a must watch for you?


Just rented platoon. Have never watched it fully before. Vietnam movies really effect me.


Yeah I haven’t seen Platoon fully either. My Dad was almost drafted into that war. He said if they chose the month your birthday was on you’d have to go to war. Thankfully they didn’t choose his month. He did end up joining the military later on though and was in Desert Storm.


Either war must have been hell, but the thought of snipers hidden in the jungle makes me really scared of Vietnam.


There were so many secret tunnels we didn’t know about. We were on someone else’s turf. It would have really been scary to go there.


Uncommon Valor is a very good Vietnam war movie. Makes me cry every time.


I will have to check it out @Arlbar



For me it’s Taxi Driver, the Wanderers, and Night of the Living Dead (the original black and white one).

The Wanderers is probably my favorite movie. On the surface it’s about New York street gangs in the 60’s, but it’s really more of a bittersweet, coming of age movie.


Jurassic World 2 is a great movie. :slight_smile:


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