What movies are a must watch for you?


Movies starring Rowan Atkinson
James Bond movies especially the later ones
Movies with theme of mental illness or art


Rowan Atkinson is Mr Bean right? Hilarious


City of God, Forrest Gump, Godfather, Die Hard, Braveheart, 12 Angry Men, Goodfellas, La vita è bella, Léon, Interstellar, Intouchables, The Pianist, American Beauty, A Beautiful Mind,…



Do you like event horizon? I love that movie - not too much cgi


@TheBest have you seen the thing? From the 80’s. My favourite movie.


I haven’t seen it. I’ll have to watch it. Thanks.


I saw it. It was quite good !


More or less anything with Tom Hanks in it, lol


I don’t want to watch movies they are boring


I agree except Cloud Atlas. That was some funky strange movie


It inspired the Dead Space franchise, if u like horror games


2001: space odyssey and the good the bad and the ugly


Silence of the lambs, ace Ventura, The cable guy, 28 weeks/days later


Obviously "The Life of PI’ this movie has shown how to survive yourself even in a danger situation. :slight_smile:


Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia oh and Withnail and I and the Big Lebiwski


Why movies are good idk


Movie helps to remove distress and disappointment.


Hot Fuzz! Why no one knows this movie? Anyone?


That reminds me I need to watch The World’s End @Hiddenexit