What movie describes your personality?

For me, it’s The Fox. with Sandy Dennis.


Big Lebowski influenced me way too much. I saw it when I was young and I thought the dude was the coolest guy in the world.


Not a movie, but Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job

Ghost…i really died in 1992 im a ghost too…good movie

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That was 30 years ago. What were you like 3 years old?

5 years old actually


Probly “babys day out” im that baby causing ruckus :grin:

I think Nina from black Swan.

Unhealthy pressure is just the worst.

I can totally relate!

I mean she killed herself, fortunately I didn’t take it that far but you understand the gist.

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Probably this one

A story of a person trying to succeed despite being “disabled”.


“Leaving Las Vegas”. It’s about people who sell their souls for momentary pleasure, and the price they pay for doing it. It has Nicolas Cage in it, who was very good in this role. He is an alcoholic who goes to Las Vegas to drink himself to death.

You’ve made me want to see that movie. I hear it’s good.

Thelma & Louise
A runaway!

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Donnie darko
Loved that movie

1982 “The Thing”, I always feel like the last real human fighting the creature and inbetween not knowing who is real. I identify strongly with Macready.

Limitless (2011). For those unfamiliar, Limitless starred Bradley Cooper and was about a man who used a drug that would increase his brain’s capacity that he used to improve his everyday life. The concept itself sounds similar to the drug Adderall.


It’s hilarious. I’ve seen it probably a hundred times and it still makes me laugh

Laughter is not a reaction I would have thought most people would have about this movie.

I think we are talking about different movies. I don’t think anyone would laugh at “Leaving Las Vegas”.

Okay. I got it. You were talking about “The Big Lebowski”. My bad.

I enjoyed that movie. In fact, I own it on Blu-ray.

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