What motivates you to achieve your goals

For me it was sometimes to be someone/somebody who did certain things. I tried to impress people i don’t like with things i don’t like. These days i do what i like and don’t want to impress anybody. So, i am not motivated to do anything.


That was a bad typo. :-1:

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I feel that sz breaks me because the fear of voices that was or is present, I am my own persecutors . If I just get over with this and focus on money and independent and well planned.
In Life coach i heard they just share or find our own interest and direct them to accomplishment. For which I need to have a goal.


Well, a goal is to keep what i have, i got motivation to pay rent and live a clean life, because i don’t want to live insecure as a homeless. I achieved a goal to live in Australia. I got a little regular income and a home. I am happy with this, anything else is a bonus.


Wow thats a lot done and achieved, I have done none, need to, but i feel I need to come out of my comfort zone first, but my doc said no to my parent if i could stay independent. Fear Fear everywhere.


Yes my parents broke me long time ago. They caused my sz. Since they fade out of my life i am getting better in my recovery.


For me only my parents supported me like taking me to the hospital, no one else was present at that time, and they are the ones with most percent of trust I got, have to come out of this zone of help and stand for self.
When the sz hits i curl into the shell, and lucky i am having a shell.


I like being busy and I hate being poor.


By setting realistic short term goals.

I used to be a mega people pleaser and honestly I had to work at becoming a little more selfish with my goals.


My goals I guess are to keep doing what I’m doing but I also want to start exercising and lose some weight in a healthy way.

I am not a alcoholic and don’t want to be one so I don’t drink alcohol often.

Another goal I might have is to have my own garden house and pool.
I don’t care if it’s a $200 pool as long as I can have a dip in it.

I want fruit trees and vegetable patch.

I want a place in south Australia country side but I’m not independent enough to live there by myself or to drive there by myself so I might have to live in nsw near family rest of my life.

I might not be able to afford house n stuff n if not hopefully I can stay in apartment I’m in now rest of my life.

I probably can’t live independent in house so perhaps would need to live with boyfriend but he may not be stable enough so see how I go.

Be vegan rest of my life.

Be animal rights n environment activist.

Have forever relationships living n healthy.

Fit into my clothes again.

I don’t know what motivates me.maybe not wanting to be worse of than now.

To be happier than now and feel like myself and have my own space to be me in gardening etc

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Meditation. Oddly enough, doing nothing helps me get stuff done.

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I think an alcoholic is when your life becomes a problem due to alcohol. Sorry to hear you are stuck as well. I have to live here myself for the rest of my life, i kind of like it as i see the positives. Its nice to hear you turned away from animal products. I just have meat occasionally, but i don’t like the taste of meat anymore, these days like meat only with lots of sauce and spices.

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Maybe you can look into going vegan.

What the health on Netflix is great.

Game changers etc

My blood works are all good.
Gotta take b12 supplements though.

I might be able to live with my boyfriend in the future.

If you live as a couple on pension you get heaps less money though.

We can think n talk about it.

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My partner and me live separated, but we see each other every day. Sometimes she sleeps at my place and vice versa. But you could get a two bedroom in your name and he lives as a boarder.

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