What Month Did You Join This Forum?

I’m noticing quite a few posters joined this site during the Christmas Season…December. (not that I’m snooping)

Just wondering if this is all just a co-inky-dink, or perhaps the stress of Christmas engages people to seek out support?

I got into a flame war on a website around Christmas…threats made from both sides. It eventually involved Police.

Phew! Glad that one is behind me.

I found this forum in April, joined in June.

…so you stalked all of us for 2 months before posting??



I did! After I joined, I lurked for another two months or so before I started posting :smirk_cat:


I told you before…You’re a SNOOP!

(but relax, most women are)

I can’t get anything by my wife and little girls.


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I joined this particular version of the sz.com forums in November 2013.

I’m very shy :smile_cat:

I joined April, 2016!

I also joined April, 2016. :slight_smile:

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I first came here on May 10 2001. I joined this version in November 2013

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Soooo…You stalked this site for 12 YEARS BEFORE POSTING!!!



August 2015

15 characters…COINCIDENCE?

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I always dive in head first to anything I get involved in. No prep.

So how many of you stalked this forum before posting?


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No I didn’t stalked this site. I been posting since I first join in May 2001. I just don’t post a lot.

I know. I was just teasing ya…

I’m a teaser. Have been that way my whole life!

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I know, I have the body of a Greek God, everyone wants to see me naked.

I think @Apathy made a typo…

He meant “I have the body of a Geek God.”

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Since I post very little I guess you could say I’m starking on most days.

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