What meds does everyone take?


Risperdal 4mg once daily
Depakote 250mg twice daily
Zoloft 100mg once daily
Invega Sustenna 156mg monthly
Ativan 2mg as needed
Benztropine 2mg as needed

They control my symptoms fairly well, although I still always have some hallucinations on meds. I’ve noticed increased saliva since starting the Invega Sustenna. Other than that no complaints really. My main struggle is negative symptoms.


The only psych med I take now is 5mg of Risperidone. About a month ago, I stopped taking clonazepam. I’m just now starting to sleep normally again. Before that I was taking Prozac, but I stopped taking it, too. I’m doing fine right now, other than insomnia withdrawal symptom from the clonazepam.


3mg Invega in the morning


I’m on risperidone 2mg b/d and fluoxetine 29 mg daily. They help and I’m able to function to some extent. I do wish I could get better n return to college. I work in my fathers poultry farm 10am to 4 pm usually. What about you.? What drugs are you on?


Zyprexa (Olanzapine) 20 mg hs
Gabbapentin 300 mg bid

The Zyprexa has made it very difficult to awaken in the mornings for at least 9 months. In addition I often take naps in my free time. I am not sure what Zyprexa does to my thinking or how to overcome it. Basically, I think it is sedating and causes over-eating. My doctor refuses to lower the level until I show a consistent pattern of good health. You see I have a history of delusions and hospitalization, and that is what he wants to avoid.
I don’t know what Gabbapentin does or whether it is helping me, or if it causes any side-effects.


Zyprexa 10 mg one in the morning and one at night


Aripiprazole 7,5 mg
Memantine 15 mg

Maybe I will add an antidepressant because depression is a motherfuc…


I take:

  • Ziprasidone 80 mg x 2 daily (total 160 mg)
  • Venlafaxine 225 mg
  • Clozapine 200 mg for now
  • Diazepam 5 - 10 mg prn (i don’t often use this)