What meds are you on, and importantly, are you ok with what you have to take each day?

I am unhappy with the meds I am taking. I want to cut them out. Sure some people are on more, but this just is getting silly now. I feel over-medicated

Currently I take

800mg Amisulpride
10mg Diazepam
10mg Procyclidine
5mg Aripiprazole
300mg Pregabalin


Risperdal Consta 37.5 mg IM every 2 weeks
Geodon 240 mg every day
Seroquel 100 mg every night
Celexa 20 mg every day
Klonipin 0.5 mg prn

I’m happy with the meds I’m taking. These are just my psych meds. They don’t include my medical meds.

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Olanzapine zydis wafer 10 mg/day

Effexor 150 mg/day

Crestor 20mg/day ( statin )

Allipurinol …( gout med )

Happy as. Came down from 300 mg of effexor to 150 this year. Doing well. I’m totally ok with my dosages. I could probably try to come down on the zyprexa to 7.5mgs but happy where I’m at and don’t want to upset the apple cart.

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Abilify 15mg/day

Zoloft 50mg/day

Doing well on these doses for the most part-- thinking that I might have to go up on the AD come Winter as I tend to get the blues around that time.

We shall see.

I get my meds from a nursing service. They come twice a day since 2017 to me. Sometimes I have to go and pick up my meds from the pharmacy. I get the recipe from the nursing service too. The phaarmacy is just ten minutes away. I do not have my meds at home besides when I have to go for them.

I think many of us feel overmedicated
But going off meds can be disaster unfortunately
What medicine do you Wanna quit with?

4mg Risperdal, ok with it but could be happier on Latuda. Maybe even happier on Vraylar when it comes out.

600mg didn’t work out? Maybe you can up Abilify to 10mg and take 500-600mg Amisulpride? It will bring down prolactine too.

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Stimulants to make me do more and functioning is: Modafinil and Vyvanse. Helps moderately but has some negative effects

Happy? APs known to shorten life span but mine work fortunately. Side effects bearable I suppose. Wouldn’t change meds

For psych meds I take:
Celexa 20 mg
Benztropine 3 mg
Haldol 10 mg
I’m ok with them. I just wish the men would leave me alone and I wish others wouldn’t report on me to them. Meds don’t stop that because it’s really happening. But I am less religious and weird with meds

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I recently had my Risperdal dose lowered to 3mg from 4mg.
I would eventually like to go lower down to 2mg.

I’m also currently on 1000mg of Depakote and would eventually like to lower my dose down to 500mg.

Believe me this will happen.

I’m on just one med

Olanzapine 20mg

Happy to continue taking daily as it does the job

Amisulpride 200mg
Olanzapine 5mg
Lamotrigine 200mg

I’m happy with that combination.

I’ve learned that it’s my minimum dose of amisulpride and that any lower I will relapse. And if I have bad day I take extra 100mg.

Olanzapine my minimum dose is 2,5mg but pills I’m taking presently can’t be cut in half - and anyway the olanzapine helps to supplement the amisulpride so I can take less of that.

The lamotrigine minimum dose is 150mg but I’ve increased it last month to 200mg because of depression problems

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I want off all except the AP, which I’d ideally like to be on half the dose, as 800mg is a acute dose

Just feels like they throw pills down my neck when things get bad, and then when stuff settles down I feel like I am taking all these pills for no good reason

Maybe it’s because they’re working?

I am worried I am going to die very young from doing this to my body

600mg didn’t work. The 200mg drop was too much and I felt so ill I nearly compromised my ability to work.

The 5mg of Abilify is just to try and lower my prolactin. I have only been on it for about a week so far.

I hope the blood test has promising results when it comes

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Tell your concerns to your doctor and stand up for your beliefs

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I’m ok with my meds but If I keep having only mild symptoms I will stop my AP when I will be 65 years old.

I am mostly happy with my meds. It comes of cause with some side effects. I take 3 meds for psychosis.
500 mg clopixol every 3 weeks
600 mg Seroquel by mouth
160 mg Geodon by mouth
2 bitpertin for muscle stiffness
The side effects I indure is stiffness, sexual dysfunction, cognitive dulling and some meds induced negative, big tommy
I don’t suffer of psychosis any more
And I rearly drink alcohol

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