What medicine works the best for you....even with side effects

Abilify works the best for me, with side effects.

Abilify works good for me too. Invega worked also but had worse side effects.

Olanzapine but lots of side effects.

Aristada works for me. Negligible side effects.

Loxapine seems to works best for me. The weight side effects are terrible though.

Clozapine for me!

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Even with side effects it’s abilify.

vraylar 9 mg and 120 mg of cymbalta

Clopixol, i am used to the sideeffects, i don’t know any different as i take it for last 10 years. Its working as i didn’t have any psychotic episodes.

Amisulpride works best for me. Without it I’m a big mess

Risperdal works the best for me.

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Thorazine, but I can’t afford it!

Risperdal 4mg, no side effects.

Clozapine is the best for me. :panda_face::panda_face::panda_face:

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