What medicine import methods exist in your country?

I was just wondering that. Because when KarXT comes to the market I am going to bring it imported from the United States. The problem is the time. Do any of you have any idea about the marketing times for a drug?

No clue. I don’t touch anything that isn’t available through a standard pharmacy because who knows if you’re getting the real thing? A lot of the imported supplements are flat-out dangerous.


Maybe by looking at the back of the medicine tablet you can tell that it is the original. I mean bringing it from customs, officially.

@ozymandias is right.

A pill from anything other than a pharmacy,

Even a pressed pill with correct markings,

Can be anything.

Probably something terrible.

Maybe even fentanyl and will kill you.

You can get fentanyl testing strips online.

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The thing is, if KarXT is approved in the United States in mid-2024, I don’t want to wait 2-6 more years to have it. Don’t you know any way to get it legally and quickly?

There is no solution other than to wait for it.

Any other way puts you at serious risk.

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Doubt it. Counterfeiting is an issue.

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I also can’t go to the United States despite having family there. Since the visa requirements are very demanding. How complicated everything

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