What Medications Have You Found Most Helpful

I would usually have to switch medicine every six months. But the combination I’m on now I’ve been on for two years.

I take Invega (paliperodone) Lamictal, and haloperidol. (Haldol).

I don’t take an anti-depressant because I have bipolar 1 disorder with psychosis in addition to schizotypal personality disorder, and psychosis NOS.

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None. On a good Day i would say all.

I’m on eight meds so a lot

It’s all personal trial and error so whatever works for you.

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I love Amisulpride. This has hands down been the best med I have ever been on. I am pretty much free of positive symptoms on this drug. I am on 800mg, and would like to lower the dose, but my doc said no because he doesn’t want me to get sick again because of working

Paliperidone and sertraline are the best medications I’ve ever been on. I was quite low with just the paliperidone alone but when they added sertraline things got much better.

The best meds I’ve been on are the ones I actually take! Lol.

The ones I’m on now.

I also found Haldol to be very effective.

8 mg risperidone every night
10 mg haloperidol every night
2 mg trihexyphenidyl hydrocloride every morning
flupentixol decanoate 20mg/ml 1 ampoule of 1ml injection every month

no positive symptoms

Taken me a while, but my cocktail is this.

2mg Risperidone and 120mg of geodon. They help take away my positives.

100mg lamictal helps with the depressing mood swings

200mg Zoloft for my depression and intrusive thoughts.

All of them work well on me

I hated Lamictal, but it was probably the best mood stabilizer I’ve tried.

I only take and like:

Vraylar and Cymbalta.

Zyprexa helps me with my paranoia issues.

Clozapine 500mg
Lamotrigine 250mg
Almost weaned off of lithium
Concerta for my ADD

I take a whole bunch of meds, so it’s hard to tell sometimes which ones aid and which ones hinder me.

But I’d say my most helpful is Prolixin. At 2.5mg 2-3 times a day, most if not all my positives are gone.

I also take Latuda, lithium, Prozac, prazosin and remeron. Latuda for the psychosis, lithium for mood, Prozac for depression, prazosin for ptsd, and remeron for sleep.

Rexulti, klonopin, gabapentin and dexedrine. But to be honest, testosterone injections are the best antidepressant I’ve ever taken.