What medication do you take when you are not feeling good or having hallucination?


my pdoc told me to take chlorpromazine 12.5 mg for temporary relief when I’m not feeling good.


Is that thorazine? I used to have a PRN for 50 mgs. of thorazine. It was very sedating . . . For those times when one wants sedation!



yes it is the same. but it’s not too sedating in low doses.
I’m looking for a better solution.
he also told me to take 75 mg as a sleeping aid


The med prescriber gives medication, buy the treatment team could include someone who talks. Lifestyle changes make so much difference, that is.


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did you have hallucination?
I mean any voice


magnesium taurate


Yes man, a month ago i heard some sounds for a week or so but not voices lol. I went to hospital and didn’t changed my meds. But i’m ok now


does magnesium helps with schizophrenia symptoms?


did you heard anything while you were chating with me and what was that if there was any?


No not now i heard a month ago… Also you have only 13 replies a day so use them wisely. Take care


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For acute relief when I am being badly tormented by demons or if I’m experiencing paranoia I take a benzo. .5-1 mg of Ativan when needed.