What makes you suffer the most

What makes me suffer the most is I don’t have anything to do. I don’t have a job, and I don’t have any friends currently.

Feeling disconnected from other people.

Not having a solid support system makes you feel unsafe—which you actually are without the support of others—especially when combined with some special needs.

Something I’m trying to remedy.


my past mistakes and sins that i can’t get over.

i need more and better relationships.

feeling bad because i’m on disability benefits.

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My dp/dr especially dr part.

What’s making me suffer the most at the moment is a feeling that I can’t really describe very well. But it’s the fact that the world feels “2d” instead of “3d”. Or “mono” instead of “stereo” if you prefer.

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everhopeful, why do you have a clock for your avatar?

Previously the forum had square avatars, then it switched to round ones. I needed something round, and I really liked watches so I chose a watch.

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Easy answer: My wife’s parents.

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Why, I bet they don’t understand you right?

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