What makes you happy(sincere smile/laughter)

Correct method of socializing and being in the right mood and feeling makes me feel happy sincerly but I don’t like to say,these are hard for me to find

What about you??what makes you happy sincerly and laugh or smile happily??

I think happiness is really very important,laughter/smiling is the best


Because of nieces, nephews… young children of my close cousins… my girlfriends nieces and nephews… kids that my sister babysits… there are a lot of little ones in my life.

As far as laughter… Kid logic makes me laugh every time. They have no internal filter… if they have something on their mind… they just blurt it out… I love that.

Other then that… I LOVE that moment in the sunset… when the day is done and I KNOW that everyone I care about is home safe… and it’s all OK.

I just get hit with this fleeting feeling that every little thing is OK.


Peacefulness (respite) from my schizophrenia makes me happy.

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I don’t really have that (reliable method) anymore to give to you. I’ve been tapped out by the illness for months. I just don’t feel the use, the voices show me how ugly I am inside. And every trauma is designated for my actions. I hate living lol.

Someone told me once - they wished I’d smile and really mean it. So I am 40 years later -

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I get happiness from being “relatively clean” and spending time with my girlfriend and dogs. I have a pretty happy life.


I am (not) going to keep going this way. I have no human rights and will not assist my (voices that seem very real) in any way. I’ve been taken advantage of in every way. I receive disability and the VA keeps me quiet pretty well. I don’t smile or laugh really. I was laughing as I cried this morning though. I layed on the floor as they kept raping me. I don’t care about living or love anymore. I just don’t believe I belong here on earth at all. I don’t feel I belong with anyone here at all.

I sort of don’t have a single…happy thing going on for me. I’ve let everyone down pretty much and I think it’s high time to really stop it once and for all.

I am so worried about you @neveragain I wish you would check yourself into a hospital to get the help you need !

I can’t, I can’t be locked up again…that means more power to them and they win. And I refuse. I’d rather die than go back to the ■■■■ up farm. I really regret living this long. I may do something ■■■■ ed up to myself today…I’ve been thinking about just ending it. I don’t see the use in it anymore. No one believed the truth…not a single person believed in me.

They left me for dead bleeding out of my ass in a ditch. And came back and took turns on my body while it was stuck there. I feel so powerless, no matter where I go the haunting will never stop. Yet I don’t think anything I do to myself will let me die…lol.

I’m stuck here somehow.


I’m also getting very scared for you. I get you don’t want to go to hospital. But is there are crisis line in your area… maybe get away from where you are if you feel like your in danger.

At least talk to your girlfriend so she can make sure you don’t really mess yourself up worse and make sure no one else messes with you either.


I hope you get the help you need.

My dog makes me smile laugh and happy! Having my elderly folks around us is a blessing - everyday I am alive makes me happy! Life is way too precious

Neveragain…There are 24 hour emergency chat lines to call and just talk. You cant keep this stuff in. We are also listening. You dont have to go to the hospital. Just go to the ER-and get your meds. Not sure if you are taking any?
Can you find a local support group?
Hope you have some peace today OOOOO

I am the same way–when my family is ok, i`m content.

Ritter sport chocolate bars(with strawberry) make me very, very happy!
I smile (genuinely) every time I eat one!

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Children mainly little kids who are always spontaneous just love em


at the moment the :rabbit: bunny…!
take care :alien:


Good people make me smile, like friends and family, psychologists too for some reason. Also strong people. Displays of power make me smile. It’s weird.

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