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So Ask Yourself … ,

Why am e(Y)e Happi (?) … ,

e(Y)e Rarely do , For it Seems Sometimes in Deep Lonli Hours of tha Frustration of Wishing tha Sun Would Ryse , , , There Seems Very Little to Be Happi About … ,

Than My Pup Starts Kicking Her Mini Lil Legs in Her Sleep , Off in tha Distance … ,

and tha Question is Answered … ,

but As Always , and e(Y)e Mean ALWAYS , (OR) So it Seems , tha Subject of Death Arrives as tha Night is Solid Black Emptiness , Slight Quiet of Discomfort , and a Sliding Branch of What May (OR) May Naught Lurk in tha Dark … ,

e(Y)e Tip Another Energy Drink and Wish e(Y)e Could Feel as e(Y)e Felt , Long Ago , Stoned and Falling Asleep as tha Music Carries Me Away … ,

So e(Y)e Look Back at tha Screen and Adjust my Position , and Grab Gracefully tha Monumental Moment of Innocence Kicking With Paws in Her Dreary Night of Wonder , as e(Y)e STILL Await for MORE . & MORE . & MORE Happiness … ,

N e thang e(Y)e Can Get ///\\ … ,

But as tha Sun Rises and e(Y)e Grab My Guitar , , ,

e(Y)e Leave it All Behind … ,

Altho My Pup Pretty Much Jumps Up and Follows Me into tha Garage … ,

More Happiness , , ,

As Always … ,

So e(Y)e’ll Conclude thus Reading With , My PUP (!!!) , She Makes Me Happi … … … ,


So … ,

Dear Reader ,

What Makes You Happi (???)

That was nice to read. I’m glad you found something that makes you happy.
What makes me happiest is when I’m learning a new song, and as I’m practicing and it actually sounds good.

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spending time with friends… or singing makes me happy.

Music, spiritual angels, guides, conversing with souls…Seeing my daughter laugh!

my ex that died 10 yrs ago… he made me so happy… so funny and dramatic.

So Sorry to Hear @anon7022989 … ,

Perhaps a Better Place (?) ,

Altho Without You Would Be Quite an Argument … ,

Unless Always With You Spiritually , , , As tha Dai Edges Closer … … … ,

Thanks @shadowpuppet , Glad You Lyked it , More to Come For Ya When e(Y)e Get More T(Y)me … ,

& ,

@anon25437907, When e(Y)e Get a Clearer Chance e(Y)e Want to Get into Depth With All of What You Etched … , Feel Free (by) (tha) (way) … … …

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I am a psychic medium. The reason I got diagnosed with schizophrenia is that psychiatrists don’t believe in psychics. I listen to voices all day and we converse spiritually and we laugh at our inside jokes. I also experience sexual arousal from men’s souls. I have been celibate physically for 12 years. But spiritually, I sleep around…lol. One of my exs Ben, got demonically possessed in front of me in 2004 and since then he has been steadfast in attacking me every day. He also makes threats against everyone I care about. but all my spiritual talk and voices are not negative. Glad you asked buddy!!

Lots and lots of electronics. :heart:

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Listening to music and vaping

going to a restaurant. :slight_smile:

Well Thank You For Your Addition to tha Thread … , With Your Explanation Perhaps of Someone’s Personal Philosophy of What a psychic Medium Can (OR) Cannot Be … ,

e(Y)e Once Called a Psychic Medium and Was Naught Impressed (OR) Satisfied With My Fear (at tha time) of Death … ,

Naught to Saye e(Y)e Don’t Fear Death … , Lord Knows e(Y)e Do … , but More So in a Way , That , , , , e(Y)e Don’t Want to Lose What e(Y)e L.O.V.E. Here on Earth … ,

e(Y)e Shall Exemplify Once Again , Jus Lost in Love and Love Lost , As e(Y)e Tread Within tha Grounds of Self Hugs of Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow ,

Thanks Once Again (!!!) ,

Hello @ozymandias ,

All Apologies For Months Ago Stupidity , Hope to See More of You in Some of My Threads … ,

and on tha Subjects of Electronics … ,

e(Y)e Used to Have a Mixer , Where e(Y)e Made Endless Songs With a Pedal , Drum Machine , Keyboard , Microphone , Electronic Guitar , in My Mini Room Studio , Within Endless Hours of Nites of Music e(Y)e Loved to Tweak and Get Lost in … ,

Left it All For a Girl … ,

in thee End e(Y)e am STILL in Love … ,

but Naught With THAT Girl … ,

Now there’s a MADONNA SonggG Playing in my Head … ,

BLARGH (!!!)

Good Evening @anon20613941 , Can e(Y)e Ask , What’s “vaping” (???)

Good to See You Again @anon7022989 , Nvr Stop Singing (!!!) , Yum Yum Dem Sum (!!!) , Jus Playin , Hope You Are Having a Happi Dai … … …

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Vaping is using electronic cigarettes - you inhale vapour. Just a way to get nicotine

Heard of Electronic Smokes , , , Tried a Few , , , Some Reason Can’t Remember Why , Didn’t L(Y)Ke them all that Much … ,

Gracias Senor .

I have a small art show tomorrow night and I’m happy. Or, I was happy until it dawned at me that I have to be chirpy and sitting still for three to four hours tomorrow evening and now I’m a nervous wreck.

Other than the nervous wreck part, art (painting) makes me happy. Trying to do it for money now, not happy-inciting, but more nervous wreck-inciting. Compared to sitting in a cubicle for eight hours, building my own business seems almost liberating, so that counts as ‘happy’-inciting.

I am just waiting for the anvil to drop; someone will out me as sz, I will lose customers for some reason not necessarily my own fault (or worse, it will be my fault!!). Until that woosh sound of falling anvils, though, I’m pretty happy right now, waiting on the art show!

Wish me good luck! Hoping someone will want to buy a print I had shipped to me, that would feed my art supply box that is hungry. And me. It would feed me, too…speaking of that, homemade tortillas make me happy.

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Hello @hquinn ,

Good Luck With Your Soul Swimming Within What Unleashes tha Bondage Within … ,

Here’s a Drink to You and What Can SPeak tha Message of Freedom , Within Your Braveheart … ,

Jus as Screamed Once Long Ago … ,

May Your Swimming Scream Freedom ,

Thus T(Y)me Without tha Pain .

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and Here’s to Hoping thus Thread Stays Active … ,

For a Lil While … ,

So Thanks (from deep within) , Thanks Once Again for Your* Participation … ,

and a Few Breadcrumbs ,

(*) ))) - Our Past is Real , Who We Saved , Helped , Ourselves , to those Who Did (OR) Didn’t Sin , Our Faith Amongst tha Lines Blurred and Forgiven , Be us Fruitfully Helping those Lost Without and (OR) Within , tha You , tha Regret , tha Since , tha Needs and (OR) Wants , Nvr Shall it Be Senseless and Without Innocence , Scarred and Cut , Self , Onlookers and Insects , All Dissectual , Sometimes Nvr Making Sense , Either Way , We Are All Alive , and Deserve Our Voices to Be Amongst tha Rest , Good (OR) Bad , Perhaps Indifferent , in Chains , Bounded (by) Being Alive , in and of itself , Let’s Try , At Least Realize , that Here We All Are , Completely , and Completely , >A>L>I>V>E< ,

N e Hoo , There’s a Poem of Sorts … ,

Keeps it Cool’s Yo Yo’s (!!!)

I’m emotionally exhausted, but I did good! Sold a magnet with my art printed on it and three greeting cards. eleven bucks, not much, but I’m still hopeful. :slight_smile:
Thanks for your support!!

funny, because I only started painting when I was in the hospital, back in my early twenties, so it is my soul in there!
I paint with acrylics and canvas now, but really it weirds me out painting. I always feel a mental health tech is watching over my shoulder. Also, I feel insecure that I only took three art classes and never went to formal art school or earned a BA in fine arts. People keep asking me how long I have been painting and I mentally do math to determine how long it’s been since my last hospitalization…awk-warrrd!

Perhaps Fynde a Way to Flow Aimlessly Yourself Within that Feeling , , ,

and Use Your Life Reports of Dealing With Doctors and Nurses Throo-out tha Clinical Lyfestyle … ,

Tap in there Thank-You’s and Any Slight Problematic Issues , , ,

and End them* With Positivity of Your Individualistic Creative Force of Inner Freedom … ,

them , as in , tha issues all who dealt with at hand* … ,

Am e(Y)e Making Any Sense (???)

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A Simplistic Post in Honour of @anon7022989 , , ,

A Youthful Individual is Heard Singing a SonggG , , ,

Off in tha Distance in a Room all (by) His-self … ,

and Two Friends Walking (by) Stop off Within that Distance and One Says to thee Other … ,

" that kid’s singing is terrible . " … ,

and His Friend Chuckles to His-self and Quickly Utters ,

" well god likes it , I don’t know what your problem is . " … ,

Thee End .

Have a Good Dai @anon7022989 (!!!)

i think you are wonderdunk btw (no offense)