What makes you feel calm

being in a huge park with few people lots of trees grass squirrels and birds singing… leaves falling because its autumn i can smell the freshly cut grass and also the water in the pond… i can also hear and see the swans in the pond making splash … the air is not polluted its fresh I feel calm relaxed and carefree

Ok I was just trying out a technique my psychologist suggested… to use when I’m anxious I have to think about something that calms me


I used to go kayaking. It was amazing!
Now my kids and pets help me


I probably sound stupid lol but I’ve got to try something

id love to get a dog when I move out

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Pets are so awesome! I’d love a large dog but I’m not allowed big dogs. Although they are a lot more work.

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It’s ironic but embracing negative feelings actually feels better than anything else for me.

Well, it’s hard to embrace really painful feelings though in respect to that.

But anxiety itself feels more loving towards yourself to embrace it.

If that makes sense?

It’s like “I feel like this, but that’s okay.” But if I try to find things to calm me? It has the opposite effect. It’s like it amplifies my anxiety more.

Do you get what I mean? Try it sometime if you can.

I tried the idea in embracing feelings of rejection or despair and it can work too, but it’s much harder if you don’t like the idea of those feelings at all.

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we are thinking about getting either a maltipoo or a yorkie poo… i don’t think we will have space for a bigger dog


thats fair enough @Genbu I think we all have to find what works for each of us :slight_smile:

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Its strange but for me, sometimes peaceful things trigger me seriously negatively…

“Just think of something calm” probably makes me think of my grandma and she tells me in a very nervous way.

She always brings a negative feeling with it, or like a feeling or ‘urgency’ and it feels like, “Well, why are YOU so anxious???” Lol.

She scares me.

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My sweet Cleo is pomeranian papillon cross


L-Theanine keeps me calm.

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My husband’s hug and back scratch


That’s a good one @anon80629714 you should try poetry.
I like to write to feel calm. Read, or get out for a drive and I love to eat my meals.

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My backyard has a privacy fence. I love rocking in my rocking chair in the backyard. Very peaceful.

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I feel calm when I’m out in the sun in the grass.

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