What makes us change?

I had firm beliefs… in my teenage years, I was crazy always but I believed in things that I now don’t.
Is it just part of growing up?

I changed a lot. I was vegetarian for around five years and now I eat animals everyday, I no longer care.
This illness changed me a lot too. Living alone changed me a lot too. But deep down, I still feel I am me, my behaviour is the same, My emotions have changed… my values have changed… I can not even have a cat anymore.

How have you changed over these past years?>

I used to be a conservative right winger if you can believe that…after I married my wife I met on here she was liberal democrat and my eyes were opened to the truth that democrats care about the poor and elderly. I am now a staunch liberal democrat. that’s the only change I can think of.

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I give more of my money to homeless people on the street.

I recognise that there is only a few split decisions that separate me from them.

I also think this city can be incredibly cruel to people who don’t have ‘whatever the cost’ type of ambition.

Living alone does change you as a person. I loved living alone. I love living with my partner now. Next month we will have been together for 9 years.Poor sod has put up with a lot from me.

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“What makes us change”?

A vending machine!



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