What makes relationships succeed?

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We have talked about what can go wrong in a relationship. Now let’s hear about all the things you need in order to make it work. This can be any relationship; romantic, family, friendship, etc.

For starters, you need to be able to communicate openly and effectively. Letting the other person know what you think and feel is very important in any relationship.

I think it needs to become your hobby to find out the things that make your partner happy and fulfilled, in a non-overwhelming sort of way, and work together on getting those things with the other person. Sounds simple, but it’s a lifetime of it.


A cucumber in the pants doesn’t hurt either. :eggplant:

Understand the source of Love

Lots of MONEY, LOL, Money will help if there is enough to keep things stable, don’t always have to be rich, just stable.

Shared values. Everything else is secondary in my opinion.

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Remember the relationship in heart.

Mutual respect.

I think understanding and forgiveness. I have been with with my wife for 25 years. Don’t know how she put up with me that long. She must be a saint

Money. Threats. Blackmail. No wait that is another list.

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You need snuggle. Always need snuggle :blush:

It starts off with a connection. I’ve only felt a real connection with one or two girls before. But it’s about not going out your way to impress them. It comes naturally. I mean you could go out your way but going out of your way seems natural. Haven’t got past that stage in a relationship yet so can’t tell you anymore. But comfort with one another is a fire starter.

Sacrifice. You gotta be willing to put aside everything for your partner. You gotta be willing to compromise or pick your battles or just hold your tongue sometimes for the sake of their happiness. My fiancé has given up so much to be with me and I’ve done the same for him


I think it is important to set boundaries too. A lot of people might disagree with me here, but it’s true. I used to completely lose myself in relationships. The other person’s wants and needs were the only thing that mattered to me. Now, I put my needs first. Mr. Star puts his needs first, too. We take care of ourselves so the other person doesn’t have to.


Lol… Your shuriken really is rainbow! I really thought I had something in my eyes bc the black was all colorful. I like it! :grinning:

Also, good thread BTW. And i agree that we need to take care of ourselves first as a healthy balance.

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That’s what I’m looking for. I’m having a harder time getting that than you might think.

IF you dont none of these:

Synonyms for hopelessness


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My wife tells me she needs a partner to share responsibilities. Like holding a job, sharing the house chores and taking care of the children.

That’s an egg plant :wink:

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