What makes a person strong?

idk but I might give a sudjestion

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Spinach is supposed to be good for building muscles


Someone who falls a hundred times but gets up a hundred times


Being young and healthy

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I yam what I yam. How’s your morning going Sweet Pea?

The world q1444

Yes, but it was that damn 101st fall that broke me.

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I think bad experiences make a person stronger.


Endurance, resilience, tough

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Morals, Wisdom, Courage to name a few


The courage to forgive those who wronged you.


Faith 1515151515


LS! I am physically strong and lacto ovo vegetarian for my whole life 61 years. I conclude that abstaining from meat and fish makes you strong.

I dont mean to knock your lifestyle, but fish is great brain food and meat is awesome muscle food.


Generally used terms to be a strong person is loyalty, doing what is right, being in affected by others opinions.

Steroids :kissing:

Strong or powerful?

LS! Hi DNA! These are not the right reasons to kill other beings. Did you not read that even Arnold Schwarzenegger is going vegan? Writing on a schizophrenia website I would like to add that meat and fish do not help with schizophrenia, on the other hand several plant products like fennel and pear do help:

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We are animals. Have you seen the way some animals kill their food ?..they play with it before eating it. Animal kingdom ya see.

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Yes, but imagine all animals were to not kill each other and live off of plants and vegetation.

Just imagine how fcked up our world would be.

Like I said, I’m not saying being a vegetarian or vegan is wrong, but to use the excuse that you developed this lifestyle because you think killing other living beings is wrong is not a valid excuse.