What make you sad?

Not being around my dogs.
Always have worries about having to give them away, because I can no longer care for them.

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Losing loved ones. Breaking up with a bf due to annoying reasons like I’m afraid I might get psychosis makes me sad.
Innocent people being treated very unfairly n unjustly makes me sad. And also scared.
Movies where I cried include I am Sam about a guy who wants to continue looking after his kid but he has learning disabilities and Mighty Joe young about an ape that they try to destroy.

I watched an undercover thing in KFC chicken factory and it is so disgusting n sad how they laugh as they maltreat the chickens to a torturous death.

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Unlived lives

What make me sad? For example that I can’t have a baby. My mental illness makes me sad too. Sometimes I think: what am I doing in this world?


I agree with you. You put it so well. The economic model that we rely upon is severely broken. I don’t see how I can have any meaningful impact on it and I don’t see anyone making change happen other than people like Bill and Melinda Gates.

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It makes me sad that we dominate nature in the form of a “pet”, all the while destroying the planet that we could be harmonizing with. It makes me sad that there’s people who will lie to your face and consider themselves normal. It makes me sad that our idea of what success is comes from what we see on TV or are told success is. It makes me sad that the “solution” to emotional and behavioral problems is drugs. I could do this all night, but that should be enough for now.

I don’t know what to say other than I feel for you and share what you’re going through. Here comes a big hug… (((HUG))).

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Thank you so much @Unclehenry

Nothing. I have apathy

Not seeing my oldest kids. Especially my daughter sabryna I have not seen or talked to her in over eight years :sob:. I believe she has not gotten over me getting sick. Abusive to animals and destruction of the planet.

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Arguments with my husband

Not seeing my parents for months on end

How factory farming destroys the earth

People who are in power or rich and who do nothing to help the ecosystem or the poor

People who lost their morals

My husband who loves driving and can’t because of his frequent seizures and I who hates driving and am forced to in order to take us around.

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Living with the idea that the last bit of hope for enjoying life may be taken from me by those who have control over others.

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Struggling with the illness when my kids need me and I have to go to the hospital. I hate letting my kids down.
Anyone in my family dying before me.

This illness and I feel for everyone who struggles with it. Wouldn’t wish this on anyone!

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