What magazines do you

read and/or subscribe to and what interests you about them?

I subscribe to the following magazines:

Archaeology Magazine this has a wealth of information about the latest archaeological discoveries around the world and the stories behind them.

Nursing Magazine this is about the field of registered nursing and the latest in nursing research and how it applies to nursing practice.

Yoga Journal discusses yoga poses, anatomy, philosophy and meditation.

International Piano Magazine talks about international classical and jazz concert piano stars and their philosophies and careers. Includes concert and album reviews.

I read all my magazines (and books), cover to cover. I love reading.


I read some science magazines, especially the ones involving astronomy


Piano magazine sounds interesting.
I dont read any magazines, when i was younger i read celebrity magazines.

Premier Guitar, other guitar mags. 15151515151155

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I don’t read magazines unless I’m at the doctor’s office and super bored.

I read a lot of articles online, though.

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I don’t read any print magazines anymore. I have a few online subscriptions (free) tho nowadays.

I haven’t read anything on dead trees for more than a decade. I follow an extensive number of science and political blogs, which I read on my 10 inch fire tablet.

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None. I get AOPAs magazine. Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association but I don’t really read it often.

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I forgot. I also subscribe to:
Mindfulness Magazine- it covers mindfulness meditation news, gurus, teachers, schools, ashrams, studios, research, vacation spots and events.

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Not read any in years, do most of my reading on line now, last magazine I read was from 1980, I was in it lol

Surf magazines and PC gamer normally.

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You read great magazines! I’m very interested in archeology. I’ll have to check how much it costs to see if I can afford it. I like Time, National Geographic and many others but I don’t get them anymore because I can’t really afford it. My husband and I put what little money we have into tv and the gym. That’s what we do together. We would do outdoor activities if he weren’t injured but now I digress.


I read the following:

  1. Civil War Times
  3. Games

All great magazines. I get them in the mail.


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I only get one sort of magazine delivered to my home, and that is the sales magizine for clothing in macy’s

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