What made your negative symptoms dissappear?

I Suffer from lack of motivation. This effects my ability to shower and take care of what I need to take care of

May be you could ask your doctor to prescribe some Wellbutrin. It is a bit of an amphetamine and a anti-depressant that may help you to be more motivated.


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Also, I was thinking why a lot of us don’t shower regularly and my theory of this is that somehow our bodies immune systems are instinctively geared to restoring the chemicals and vitamin “D”. So we probably are acting out of some natural instinct by not showering and washing off the bodies natural oils. So get some sunlight everyday and buy some vitamin D. I also take a balance of omega 3,6 and 9 oils everyday and I know by running out of them for a day or two that they work to ward off depression. I will take a sponge bath in between showering. I will just wash my face everyday and clean my arm pits with some germicidal hand jell.

Sometimes helps to break it down into components, I.e. I don’t really feel like taking a shower but I will put my clothes in the bathroom. I don’t feel like taking a shower but I can get a fresh towel. I don’t feel like taking a shower but I can get undressed. I don’t feel like taking a shower but I can step in the tub. … If you get this far you have a better chance of doing the rest


You need to take a shower for health reasons. Also, you don’t want to smell bad.

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Going through an active phase got me out of my negative symptoms, which I don’t recommend. I like @keepsimple advice. simple steps.

My negative symptoms needed meds to disappear. They were just too strong to just fight off.

After the meds… I’ve had therapy.

I’m hoping you feel better soon.

Which medication helped you with the negative symptoms? Have you tried Wellbutrin?

I’m on 80 mg Latuda. I do remember a brief period on Wellbutrin… maybe at the time… it wasn’t the one for me.

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I just joined but noticed many of your topics coincide with some of my research. Have you tried Sarcosine or CBD oils?

Is that right? It might be a chemical thing?

I just don’t want to break into a new me.

I just don’t want to clean and take a shower, because of the change.

I just don’t like to be out of my funk.

I fight it by keeping myself busy at work, it may sound odd but when you are busy doing something the word negative does not interrupt. All you are capable of doing, do.