What long lasting issues has medication caused you

Not bashing meds here, I am in full support of meds and need my meds to survive, but do you guys have any meds that caused you so many problems you’re like damn wish I’d never gone on that med to begin with?

For me its zoloft (messed up my bladder) risperidone (made me put on 30 lbs I could never lose) and the hormonal IUD (made me put on an extra 60 lbs I can’t lose)

I feel so disheartened being over here significantly overweight with a messed up bladder all because I was just trying to take care of myself, improve my quality of life and functioning and make good decisions.

If you come out of the medication process unscathed you’re very lucky I think. It is a long and perilous road to happiness.


I have to take metformin to control my blood sugar now.

Severe negative and cognitive symptoms but I can’t be alive without my meds. I become a danger to others and to myself without my meds.

Oh yeah me too I take Metformin to control my blood sugar.

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I’m probably going to be on that road soon. I’ve got insulin resistance and cannot for the life of me lose the weight I have to to get better.

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Weight gain and erections are not what they use to be. Embarrassing but its a real issue for us men that I think needs to be talked about because it can effect quality of life especially if you are active sexually.


Yes for women too often sexual side effects are not taken seriously and doctors will just shrug off the fact that you can’t orgasm or have no libido. That’s an important facet of life! I have quit a number of meds in the past because of the sexual dysfunction they caused me.


It caused me to gain 90 pounds, which I’m currently trying to lose, and diabetes even though no one in my family has ever had diabetes.

I gained 150lb since I used antipsychotics 8 years ago.

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They do the same thing for guys, at least in my experience. Here’s some of the medical “advice” I’ve gotten when I bring this issue up with my pdocs.

“Maybe your problems are psychological.”

“You just need to get some more confidence.”

“Why don’t we try increasing the dose.” - yeah because more of this ■■■■ is going to get things moving and not just make it worse.

And then they wonder why you have passive suicidal ideation, amotivation and anhedonia. And if you have severe aniexty issues, they’ll give you some babyshit vistral, instead of something that actully does something. I’ve basically had to strong arm my way into getting med changes multiple times. And I’d say more than 80% of the time, the issues have gotten better within a week of switching. Anyone else ever feel like a hot potato when your at your pdoc appointment? Its like they care more about keeping you pacified then actually fixing any of your issues. I think I need to find a new clinic instead of ■■■■■■■■ about it. ■■■■ this disease.

Edit: Almost forgot, they’ll offer to give you Viagra instead of running a hormone pannel to see if you have any endocrine problems. :rofl: :rofl:

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im lucky in that i haven’t had many side effects. but one that’s been with me for over a year, is loss of appetite and a slower metabolixm. well i have to pretty much eat kinda keto to finish 3 meals a day. carbs fill me up and fast. also i can’t eat many calories without gaining weight. i probably eat about 1200 calories a day to keep my weight stable, and i still don’t get hungry, but want to increase up to 2000 calories a day.

I’ve taken Seroquel for 20? years and I would be dead without it.
I was able to have a good life.
I’m just thirsty all the time. Since Covid a beer is in order.
Its been a good tradeoff.
I would rather be fat and happy. One stabilized you can work on a diet or get more exercise.

All meds have side effects, Sz or otherwise. But sz can cause death easy if not treated.
So I’m bout it and just take and live on.
Hope all find the med for you since they are all very different and there is one with your name on it.
Keep up the good fight!

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Once you get married, Men learn to take the time to please you.
If they just want a quickie,they don’t bother.

Since I was on meds I’ve had almost zero physical feeling in sex. What was sad was I was normal sex libido before I got married then a few months after my marriage I lost it due to having to return to meds. Been married eight years and never got a single climax in sex. I’ve given up worrying about it. I guess it’s just not meant to be.