What lifestyle do you recommend to reduce pressure from intrusive thoughts

What lifestyle do you recommend to reduce pressure from intrusive thoughts?

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One that takes meds,

Involves therapy,

And hard work.

Those things combined you can have a lot of relief from obsessive/intrusive thoughts.


water, exercise, and abstaining from alcohol, cigs, caffeine, and drugs.


Accept thoughts come and go and are temporary. You don’t have to cling to them like they mean something. Your thoughts are not being broadcasted, so no one else knows what you are thinking,

Know that it is the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it. (wrongly attributed to Aristotle)

When you accept that all thoughts are transitory, not public and are only tiny reflections of a complex mind then you can let go of all intrusive thoughts forever.

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Keep it simple. In psych ward where I come from they enforce impression minimalism. They take away your phone, there is no tv or radio, there are no photos on the walls and minimal clutter in the ward. They only have a few magazines for reading.

I’m not saying people should live like that when they are released, but there is no doubt that the mind is more at ease when we don’t bombard it with impressions. So it might be handy to apply it to life to some extent, especially when we are stressed.


Going out for walks in the morning. Eating healthy. Get a hobby like dancing or exercising.

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