What lawyer says the maternal mother shouldn't be involved. Not a good lawyer

I don’t have a criminal record to cost against me, the whole family thing is that my man gets angry sometimes

like to see when it didn’t happen with my mother against her husband, and nothing ever against Alec. Alec loves my man, and I believe he wants

to be home. They’ve taken him away from me, and not on a constant basis of getting him out for fun, and enrichment.

My step dad took over guardianship, and now they all say all I did was neglect him, well, we did more than most parents,

a hell of a lot more. Jesus, my mother totally neglected us, and she has the right to say so about Alec?

They took your son away because of Phil?

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By “Phil gets angry sometimes” do you mean Phil can be abusive?

If that’s the case,

Maybe you should leave Phil for the sake of keeping your child.

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yeah. Alec was treated well, and we did things most days. Phil made his breakfast every morning, and fixed his lunch too.

We played outside every day in the summer. But we had to go to Des Moines for Phil’s job, and we lost custody.

yeah, my parents can’t believe I’d choose Phil over my son

but they hold it all over my head.

I’m sorry you’re put in this difficult situation @Daze

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Everybody on him all day, I like to give him his free time

I’m accused of being neglective, he tells to leave.

He has his whole basement stuff. Usually I’d get him off the van

and go do things. They know this. Completely wrong accusations.

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What is their problem with Phil? Is there something he does that causes them to think your son shouldn’t be there?

Alec gets very angry too, it’s nothing new to them, or even him,

so no, I don’t know what their problem is.

He mainly just raises his voice, there’s nothing too bad.

I think they want Alec in perfection, well, here’s a clue, not gonna happen.

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