What kind of positive habit do you have?

I think the most positive habit for me is to write a gratitude journal,it helps me be more prone to stress and it change my thinking to more positive

What about you?


I got in the habit of writing what went well in a day. Even if it was one small thing like,

“I woke up, and didn’t choke on breakfast”

Little by little… my list of went well got longer then what didn’t go well.

I think writing down what your grateful for and stress the positive is a very good idea.

Hopefully you’ll find it helpful.

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I try to play piano for at least half an hour per day. It cheers me up and gives me positive energy for the day.

I play anything from classical to gospel to Celtic to contempory.

Whatever the song, it takes my focus and gets my mind off of whatever stress is present that day.




I write in my Journal. How I am doing symptom wise, medications etc … are all logged in everyday


I take a walk in the park everyday. It makes me get closer to the nature and people, which is a break from my everyday tasks like writing and reading. I feel balanced and refreshed afterwards. So I can’t live without a park.


positive habit i been having these few days:
1.positive affirmation of myself in the morning
2.writing a gratitude journal
3.positive/negative atttitude checking,and try changing if the attitude is negative