What kind of partner do you want?

are you just trying to impress me to call you awwwww cuddle bug? :bug:


yeah I can totally relate… some people in life are like that. you just like them or love them and enjoy them. some come through time… sometimes immediately…

I don’t know… will you?

(it’s more like the law of attraction… got get how I feel about this chick out into the universe somehow… I think helps the gods weave a better future.)

(on that note I may have said enough… I’ll quit mentioning it.) Lot’s of stuff about relationships and stuff on here today though.

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meh… just having fun… you need to fill your life with random stuff and have fun and socialize… you can talk about her as much as you want. I will talk about my crush too, it’s probably not a good idea though.

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if I run into issues I’ll pm you… but I really do think I’ve said too much already,…

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hah… I’m like that… I talk about my issues with everyone around me. I don’t see it as wrong… talking is therapy.


I totally agree. I always find someone to vent too when I’m having issues. I’m not one to really care for privacy… I’ve got issues sure, but not much to be ashamed of. Talking helps me see that my problems are more common and that I’m not alone in my issues.

Some folks agree or sympathize others get put off or argue back… but after a while I managed to sort out who to talk to about what.

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If I ever bothered or bother you in any way, you can just tell me… I’m not good with hints at all. If someone is nice to me, I believe it :strawberry:

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idk, looks like my ideal partner is impossible to find, online dating sucks anyway

no worries @sleepybug you’re not a bother…

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you need a good picture and interesting profile…

I was on it a couple weeks ago and noticed a couple

  • guys with cars asking for snapchat account etc
  • nice guys who like BBQ
  • random guys who play music or are just boring
  • weirdos who are looking for visa or something
  • guys trying to hook up as fast as possible
  • guys who would lie a lot to get your phone number

I met a couple interesting people, but just no chemistry out of a picture… it’s tough to judge. You just need to get on as many dates as possible.

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i don’t know how to date online, i am useless and i have never been dating before either so i’m a bit of a dating virgin lol, i have a match.com account that i regret paying for but i do enjoy looking over the women that view my profile, they never say anything though so i take that as a fail lol

Must know how to plant a flower,and do flower transplants . …and she has to be into flowers …and plants…earthly things. Such as flowers and things of that nature


men are born to pursue women.
find a girl you like… message her… find something special about her and just compliment her. Then ask about hobbies, favourite music, food, work, education… try to find something in common, so you can invite her for that. If it’s wine, you can meet for a glass of wine. You should pay the bill. Just have light hearted conversations and never mention your illness. If things get serious, you can say you have a mental illness but it’s not severe. Just don’t be surprised when you get dumped. I’ve been rejected too.


How many times i have to say it? (:

I would like to ask you if you have bad perception about guys who play music and why? I love music, I would like to understand your opinion.

I do not like to generalize but guys who play music are lazy and do not have careers.

A girl that has my mental illness or a girl that already has kids.

Mine would be kind, have a odd sense of humor, can make work seem like fun, and like to do things- anything together-even nothing together, and not have to feel like there always has to be conversation going.
Wait-I’ve already found him, and married him.

A girl that accepts that i throw up when she talks to me.

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If anyone thinks of calling a girl ugly or fat or something. Think twice… I will buy a shotgun.
Always be kind to girls.

Or just keep your opinion to yourself.

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