What kind of mental problems tortured you today?

I felt that i was fine but i had a feeling that something was bothering me but i didnt know what it was.


I’m kind of beating myself up about

A) not wanting to do anything
B) not being able to force myself to do anything


Terrible anxiety :confounded:

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Yup, unrelenting anxiety so bad it’s given me the runs.

Fun times.

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Not wanting much to do with anything or anybody.

Been trying to find the word(s) i am looking for. Very hard to compose my thoughts.

Definitely lack of motivation and my mind is becoming mush for lack of use I’m sure (although it could be early onset dementia)

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The constant hearing of doors closing, footsteps (of a bi- pedal gait, not, a gadito) and ech time I open a curtain, stand on my porch, walk to my mailbox at the end of my driveway, there will be 3-4 diffrent neighbors that will convieniently do the exact same thing as me. When I leave, they leave too.
We tend to crowd each other in this single familybneihborhood of homes were everyone knows, and is friendly in a redicuously creepy way with everyone but me. I got up out of bed around 1PM to ge pee, and I hear the next door neighber whose backyard is in full vew of my bathroom window- lucky them- get on her phone and say hi, yeah she’s up now, yeah sure, ok I’ll go. Then I hear her truck start up and see her drive off. Wasnt about me I’m sure, but maybe I’ll keep a log of the stuff that happens and let it go.

Thinking things I don’t mean and being harassed for them, wanting to be a good person

Lack of Motivation
Lack of pleasure

The usual.


Auditory Hallucinations.

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The voizes are the only thing torturing me. Along with the catatonic and positive symptoms that torment my life.

No hallucinations yet but the demons have been in my dreams again. I’ve been having weird fever dreams all day though because I’m pretty sick.

Really right now my physical symptoms are worse than my mental. I’ve been pretty mentally stable the past 2-3 weeks.

Confusion.hate it the most

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Where do i begin…at the end

I’m pretty sure I have some horrible disease killing me or at least making me sleep all day instead of spending time with my family. Idk if it’s my mental problems making me feel physically ill or if I’m actually going to die, if history is any indicator I’ll be fine. Just torturing myself. Nothing a pancake won’t fix.

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I lied! The pancakes made it worse.

Today was such a blur, and it felt like a dream, and a lot of unexplainable and strange things happened.
I was with my friend and at the doctor, today . I was anxious the whole time, also annoyed, because everyone kept listening to my thoughts.

We seem to kind of ride in to places with our own mood and atmosphere. Normal people just automatically adjust. We don’t we feel like we are leaving something behind of we pull our mind away from something.

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i worried about my psychotic outcome. i hope i can be chill and happier with loving behavior