What kind of medication would not touch my creativity?

I have Zypadhera injection right now in every 3 weeks. I would like to be more inspired of music making. This is propably one of the most asked question, i.e. What medication would not take away my creativity, but would still work?

I’m an aspiring writer. I cannot write on any of the typical ap’s. I can’t write on Zyprexa either. I don’t know about Risperadol. I can write on what I’m taking now - Geodon and Seroquel. I think that kind of thing varies from individual to individual, but all the typical ap’s kill my imagination.

I must say, I’m very stable atm. But best art is made when you feel a lot. I’m almost fearless right now, but not just fearless, I also feel generally pretty ok. Maybe I should stay with Zypadhera but have smaller amount?

You have to find what works best for you. The creative process is usually painful. If you want to sing the blues you’ve got to pay your dues.

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