What kind of life is considered fulfilling?

It’s been a while since I create a topic but I would like to discuss what kind of life to live to consider fulfilling?
I work for my family,play badminton at the weekend and also play my playstation 4 but I don’t seems to live a fulfilling life because I seldom socialize as I live a sedentary life…I really wish I get to know more people and not be awkward around people to make friends

Some people consider having a few loving relationships are fulfilling. Some people think setting up goals and working at it to see how it goes are fulfilling.

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I can see that in order to live a fulfilling life one must be genuinely interested in other people, or in a cause one considers greater than oneself. Look for more ideas in Bertrand Russell’s book The Conquest of Happiness.

I have a job I like taking ugly plots of toxic land and working with a team to turn them into parks. I can surf and enjoy nature. I have one or two very close friends and I have some cherished family.

I’m not after the big house, the fast car, the posh suit with bleached teeth… or the 20,000 facebook friends

I want the small house on the beach with enough time to surf, garden and see people. Simple life, simple pace, serenity and honest and true friend, no fake ones please.


Having one companion/relationship with someone you are in harmony with.
Living in a natural setting away from close neighbors and able to work with the earth in not just a physical sense, but spiritually connecting everything as well.
That part I have had for several years now, but I lost the first part :frowning: :frowning:

That’s great,I aw always wanna relate to this earth and people but somehow I seem to have trouble doing so

I think it’s like the movie City Slickers when Jack Palance tells Billy Crystal that the meaning of life rests on one thing. It’s up to you to decide what that one thing is. I think it’s up to you to decide what makes a fulfilling life.


Don’t break the law, be friendly towards others as much as possible, try to open your heart more, find love - even its with a pet, and you should be fine. I try to follow these rules. I dont have friends and thats ok, people do not need friends, sometimes they are more trouble than anything else


i think everyones asking that question schizophrenic or not.


One where you live to the fullest and for me full of wild places, walks with my sketchbook and a loving family to share it with! My mum and dad provide that, I know my other family love me I just don’t feel understood with them, they make me feel like a weirdo. I’m hoping one day I’ll have a lover, possibly children but I know this may not happen, that would make my life feel fulfilled.

I think everyone asks this you can Change your life to make it fulfilled and know your life has many days where you can change it, think through what it would be to make it happen and work towards it!

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I feel fulfilled when I finish a task and can say “a job well done” and pat myself on the back. Otherwise life is just a treadmill. So, take time to give yourself a feeling of accomplishment.