What kind of jobs do you have?

Im starting learning to drive a motorcycle to deliver food and stuff. Im very nervous with the idea of driving in this city full of cars and people driving awful, fears of accidents and stuff like that, not trusting myself, not knowing to well the city too (i dont really know it, even tho I born and raise here, too antisocial I guess, not leaving home and stuff). So, what kind of jobs do you have? Do you have some troubles or fears before start in them?


The jobs ive had have all been garbage. Minimum wage doing data input or call center or dogsbody in an office.

Id rather shovel s*** than do those again. Seriously, at least i would get fit. Those jobs were inhuman and soul destroying.

Yes its normal to be nervous.

Edit - just want to add that its horses for courses. Some people are suited to certain jobs and some are not. I definitely wasnt suited to the work i mentioned but i know some people are ok with it.


If I play guitar and mandolin and take a walk I’ve had a full day. Tomorrow I’ll clean the bathroom.

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Senior Insurance Broker. I specialize in insurance for mid-size to large commercial auto fleets.

I wasn’t sure if I could do the job when I took it, but I knew even if I failed, I would gain knowledge and that’s okay.


I’ve been doing janitorial work for the last 12 years. I’ve had a lot of entry level, light labor jobs in the past so I wasn’t too scared about starting this job. I picked up the basics right away, there were a few tricks I was taught about emptying wastebaskets, mopping and cleaning restrooms and I learned these quickly, so now I can do my job half asleep, on auto pilot without having to think too much.


Thats where im aiming for, start doing it in autopilot… I hope that moment comes


I have no idea what I’m going to do now because I can’t do physical jobs which tend to be the ones where its no people. And ppl jobs, I get a lot of anxiety.

I’m considering being a receptionist.???


I have done agricultural work , weeding n basic gardening,

I was a really bad stripper.
I didn’t feel like myself.
Like it wasn’t me but someone else was in my body acting as me and I didn’t have my aura and spirit going.
Anyway I sucked!
Once I hit my head on stage and it made a bang noise.
Head banger!:love_you_gesture:t4:
I didn’t make enough money to support myself or even to pay rent.
I wasn’t popular.

I worked at cafes.
Enjoyed it sometimes as long as no one tried bossing me about in bad vibing ways etc
Went best with a communist chick as we never bossed each other but had a flow.
I m not a communist not that I know anything about it but I heard they think everyone should receive same amount of money anc i don’t reckon I agree with that.
Everyone should have food and drink and roof over head and health care except my enemies shouldn’t have that good s food or come near our meat etc

I got my aged care certificate three but i couldn’t do the work as I didn’t go with the people .
I want to work with this but only with clients I approve of anc who I’m comfortable with and who like me.
And No colleagues or bosses stressing me etc
N playing dirty n sh it.

I cleaned but I suck at that and didn’t like it much but I liked the people I cleaned for.


I hate jobs where you have to intercact with people…


Im glad you find something you like, I hope ou finde nice people to work with


No I’m not working at the moment.
I’m on the disability pension and i don’t work.

I tried volunteering but some people don’t treat me with respect and give of yuck vibes that they can’t stand me or get in my space.

I don’t go well with most people.

Thankful to have been able to work well with at least one person in the past.

I have to isolate mostly because how some people hate me .

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i had to quit my job at church as a church servant because of my SZ - too many, short hospitalizations. Then i got disablity advantage (the worst day of my life, i felt ashamed)

Now i volunteer in a combined charity shop / cafe where all the money that we earn goes to lonely young persons who can meet each other at the cafe and have free therapy.

Because im only volunteering there is not the same stressors as in a normal job. I can relate to your worries @Kaito and hope you do well

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Thanks for telling us your experience, and thanks for the emphaty, I aprecciate it

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