What kind of job is good for people who have intrusive thoughts

Just let go of my job dealing with food and people. It was late at night and my thoughts are worse at night. I suffer from intrusive thoughts so being around people is difficult for me. In the morning i am better though. What kind of job is best for me not dealing not so much with others and not so much manual labor.

Most all work is repetitive, which seems to free the brain up to be bothered by the intrusive thoughts unless you can compose new music which is probably one of the things we can create that is obviously an eternal source of new ways to express our humanity. So any job where we would be discovering new things more often would probably be best.

I am not so bothered by those types of thoughts so much either, when I am writing on this forum. I once took a creative writing class in High School and really enjoy editing and changing words around to say or give meaning to some thought I am having. There seems to be no end to putting words together either. I am just not that creative and need other peoples ideas to respond to.

I sort of like manual labor… I’m a gardener/ grounds keeper and I don’t see that many people very often.

Being out in the open spaces helps. Physical hands on stuff has been very helpful in keeping me in the now.

I was a landscaper for a long time, and when I was self-employed I found I was pretty much on my own much of the time.

Perhaps you could also consider a job in a warehouse? Or an office job for a small company. That’s what I do at the moment. I am sort of used to all the people there, and little changes and I don’t deal directly with many people.

I had really bad intrusive thoughts, but Abilify seems to have gotten rid of them mostly. Although in saying that, I don’t really leave the house that often, and people are the worst for aggravating it.

What were your intrusive thoughts like? I have them too. You say abilify helped so im considering. Im non compliant with meds due to my ocd intrusive thoughts so im gonna have to get the depot shot

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