What kind of friends do you want?

What kind of friends do you want?


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What are you like?

@anon92887483 did you remixed my song?

is that you spooky?


Right now I don’t feel like I need friends. :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth:

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Yes it’s me don’t you recognise my style

How dear you speak like that :smile:

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no i didnt wanna download it cause it bothered my conscience and you never sent it! i was gonna slow it down and use it as a layer :slight_smile:

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To sent song will need to make email…I don’t have email how can I send you?

Can you give me beginner tip on making music

I am so overwhelmed by the software

yea my email is kevonb124 @ gmail.com if you make one.

with making music just have fun and keep it simple! I think you have some good skills already i like your music.

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I’d just prefer it if people didn’t think situations were always a 100% my fault. It hurts . Making friends is too much to ask for.

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i send you check you email

thanks a lot man ill try to add it in

I kind of like the few friends & acquaintances i have. All have things that are a little different from the average here. E.g. a muslim refugee, a transvestite and a bipolar woman. One I love because she is so gentle, humble and kind. Another because he is smart, humorous and nonjudgemental and we are near totally open with eachother. Id like more friendships with true openness, depth and warmth. Having a few friends/acquaintances though is already something to be grateful for.

I tend to be drawn to kind-hearted people. Intelligence is also a plus, but it has many layers and most people have something they’re smart about.

If I were to make more friends, I’d like to have someone intelligent, compassionate, insightful, calm, and with a sense of humour as twisted as mine. (Or at least sharing my love for memes)

loyal…my childhood friends disappeared when I got mental illness…that was 22 yrs ago

I want friends that smoke weed