What kind of factors would lower schizophenia in countries like

Australia has the lowest amount of schizophrenics per 100 000 people with Iceland being second

What are your educated guesses?


I’m thinking maybe the way they detect it is different in different countries.


I’m wondering also about enviromental and diet factors

I’m not saying this is right,just throwing it out there. Latitude and vitamin d levels, fish consumption .


Maybe they just have more schizoaffectives or mood disorders with psychotic features, and other psychotic disorders like delusional disorder, schizotypal, brief reactive psychosis, other personality disorders, some cases of PTSD, etc. Also possible that there is more psychosis as a result of drug use and organic brain diseases?

Plus they use less dye and preservatives and sh it. Probably has something to do with that. I dunno. :woman_shrugging:

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Any thoughts about twins where other one get schizophrenia?

I found a chart at http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/60-years-research-links-gluten-grains-schizophrenia which shows that war-time reductions of gluten grains reduced schizophrenia instances:

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I’d say the same thing as firemonkey. Vitamin D (sunshine) during pregnancy.

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What about twins when the other one doesn’t get schizo

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Good question I don’t know.

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Don’t fight wars, and have fewer crimes.

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In the documentary the other one got it when she was in college

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