What kind of cologne or perfume do you prefer?

I like Hugo Boss Ice.

Last time I went to the airport I opened up all the boxes to find the same one my aunt had bought me

I like Arabian fragrances. Especially Oud based perfumes. Can’t beat the smell of Oud

@Aziz Do you know about Oud?

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Versace eros or georgio Armani

Maybe my parents know as idk, I came to Canada from Syria when I was 10y.o.

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Ok. Yes, ask your parents they should know about it. Famous amongst arabs

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i don’t know the brand names but my sister has bought me two expensive colognes that I wear all the time…

Maybe I"m the spoiler but I don’t Like perfumes or colognes. They are trickery.

I don’t like most perfumes and smelly things.
I have allergies and I’m sensitive to scents.

LS! Usually I wear Hugo Boss “Hugo”. But I recently also bought a bottle of Davidoff “Zino”.

My two favorites are Flower Bomb and Gloria Vanderbilt.

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