What kind of careers do some of y’all have?

I’m trying to reach some goals, writing out my short term and long term goals. One of the is getting a career instead of just staying home and not doing anything. But I want to know if there’s hope in me having a career, is it possible for people like us to have careers?


I’m a forum member at this site called www.schizophrenia.com. :thinking: :joy: :sob:


I wouldn’t call what I have a career, but I have a pretty good job in worker’s compensation.

I don’t have any real aspiration though.


If you don’t know it’s possible, test it. Just life experience to tell you if something is possible or not.

I thought that it would be impossible for me to have a girlfriend. I had one and, despite breaking up with her, we had many good moments.

I thought that it would be impossible to work again. I thought I wouldn’t last a single week working for my father. I worked for 20 days (it was a total of a month because I started working for 10 days, had a pause, and started working again for 20 days).

When we talk about possibilities for our life, we need to take action and discover it for ourselves.


That’s some really good advice @DelusionalSoldier thanks I’ll take that into count!


I start next week as a hs parapro tutor and might be substitute teaching later too. I might want to make a career out of teaching and might want to become a college or high school English teacher one day. Right now I can pass off as a normie but I get tired by the end of the week when I work. That is why I am starting off part time. I also have a gig helping out this mental health agency sometimes. It’s a start. I have my bachelors degree already too, but got it before I got sick.


I was in sales but I had to quit. The management, at the senior community where I live, didn’t approve of my soliciting.
I am a writer-author. I’m going to be trying to sell my book online, as soon as it is published. It’s being sold under a pen name.


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