What kind of antidepressant are you on?

I am on mirtazapine(sandoz),15mg to get rid of my depression,it is working most of the time

I used to have mirtazapine. I gained a lot of weight and removed it. Had Voxra instead for about a year. Now I don’t need any.

i am now using fluoxetine 60 mg, which is basically prozac.

the weird thing with antidepressants is that after long period of using it,
you can get more depressed. it is in the side effects description.

I had 2 years where I didn’t take mirtazapine,it make me realize what actually is depression

I’m on 200mg Sertaline (generic Zoloft). Its only been 3 weeks since my dose was increased and I’m seeing a little improvement. My pdoc said to keep track of how many bed days I have. I was having 4-5 days where I just laid in bed all day doing nothing, but the past week I’ve only had 1 day. Pdoc said it takes 4-6 weeks for this stuff to get into your system, so I have to tough it out until it takes full effect.