What job do you do

The title says it.

I build boats. I have really good bosses who understand i have probelms

What are your sources of making cash.


building boats! wow!

I don’t have a job but my family keeps telling me I should try to get one but my meds make me too tired in the morning to work any time before like 4 pm and I am not good at doing stuff ive never had a job before I am really functional but work sounds too stressful I don’t see myself getting a job anytime soon

the only job i had was a portrait artist.


I am trying to volunteer in a peer support group.i am happy for it…


I’m a special education assistant. I’ve done this off and on for over 30 years. In between, for many years, I’ve been a custom picture framer, and a gallery manager/director and assistant gallery director… I sell my own paintings just periodically.

nice lets see one:0 show your greatest piece :evergreen_tree:

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I don’t get paid for my jobs but I pick up the dog poop and take out the trash

I sell drugs and rap on the side.

Jk I’m in food prep…and rap on the side.

I don’t have a greatest. Each painting has its own purpose. Here’s and example of a landscape and an angel figure…


im sure u used to sell drugs eh haha

A little bit. But I never was any good at it. I bet i’d be good at it now. But don’t wanna risk it. Lol.

They excellent. those green hills are beautiful. being serious man they good. i wish i could paint. i just dont have the magic hand

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Thank you, @User44. That’s so nice of you. You should try painting! You never know what you can do. :blush:

I don’t want to build boats, I want to prove theorems.

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