What ive learned this year

not everybody is bright and gleamily happy at Christmas in fact a lot of people cant wait for it to be over just like me I got through it without drinking or using.
and even enjoyed myself a little happy new year everyone 2014 where does the time go??


happy new year to you dandydinmot.
take care

It gets easier as the years move on. Good luck with the new year.

I am split or torn, when it comes to the Holiday Season. On the one hand I like to see certain family members, I like the colorful glimmering xmas lights and decorations in town. On the other hand I don’t like the frenzy of it all, the traffic, crowds. People seem to be in a hurry. I’m with you, I can’t wait till things quiet down a bit more. Looking forward to seeing the Holidays go - as pretty as things seem.

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wave i went to the beach with my dogs the day after boxing day everyone! everyone had the same idea i hated it. yes i can see that next year will be easier the year before that i was in a valium haze so its all new to me really. happy new year darksith and all of you.

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I hate it when that happens. My sis and I think we are so clever sometimes doing stuff that we’re sure NO one else would dare to dream… Like a small fire in the fire pit at the beach for a picnic lunch while everyone is SUPPOSED to be at the mall gobbling up boxing day sales. No, everyone is NOT at the mall shopping into oblivion… they are at the beach too, interacting with family.

(either all those people have mental illness too… or I’m more normal then I thought… :wink:)

Its not about giving. Its about owning, and buying. Capitalism’s version of charity. The giants…

and the baby jesus did say buy as much â– â– â– â–  as youn can and feel sick!