What I've learned about mental illness and stress coping

Hi guys,

I’ve learned that cigarettes and caffeine really do not help me to cope positively. They crush my balls in the end. But alcohol and hot chocolate have so far given me the calming crutches I need to cope. Now that weed is becoming legal globally I suspect weed, cocoa, and alcohol would be my fuel sources.

Highly could not recommend weed enough if you have psychosis.

Last time I had a joint I literally thought I was going to die from a heart attack the anxiety and palpitations were so bad.

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones!

Weed was my favourite thing growing up. Shame it triggered me off, but I blame LSD more

sorry to hear that. I’ve been told that mental illness is more from biology. Usually drug induced psychosis clears but biological mental illness is a bit more static. I just say this so you don’t blame yourself

Alcohol causes me paranoia sometimes but I do it anyway. I had a medical marijuana card for anxiety but I let it expire. I’d get mad paranoid if I smoked. I wouldn’t recommend it. Chewing tobacco is my pastime. I’m probably gonna lose all my teeth because of it but then I’ll just drink milkshakes

Man. I used to smoke an eighth a week for like ten years in a row. Finally gave it up though. Everytime I smoke I just get the feeling I’m being watched. Sucks quitting but it’s for the best

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Weed is like a salvia trip to me now so i had to quit , i have a headache or feel weird if i dont have caffeine, i really enjoy the sedative effects of alcohol it relaxes me but i havent drank almost every friday like i used to do something else that i also enjoy as much as coffee is tea.

You sure you learned something?

Stay away from the weed my friend. It’s not a good crutch to have, especially for a person with mental illness. It could very well make your symptoms worse.