What I've concluded

So I wrote a thread on Wednesday about experimenting with my meds - to take olanzapine away if I increase the lamotrigine

Well, today I had to take double olanzapine (my proper prescribed dose of 5mg - or was it prescribed 10mg, I don’t know lol!) because I was feeling not 100% so didn’t want to take it away completely

I researched the indications of amisulpride, olanzapine and lamotrigine and it’s as follows

  • amisulpride - psychosis / negatives / agitation
  • olanzapine - psychosis / mania
  • lamotrigine - bipolar depression

So I’ve reached this conclusion :

  • I need the amisulpride as it’s my main med and helps a LOT with psychosis and agitation (including calming hypomania)
  • I also need the olanzapine if I get hypomania and it helps with psychosis too. Also the advantages of taking it includes it’s more cheaper than amisulpride so if I take it away I need more higher dose of amisulpride which will work out more expensive. So if I take olanzapine to even out lower dose of amisulpride it will work out less expensive
  • and finally the lamotrigine is essential med I desperately need as my depression severe without it. I’ve seen effects of lowering it and it wasn’t pretty. Actually I’m wanting to speak to my pdoc about increasing it as my depression still there. Dunno if it will help negatives though - that’s where amisulpride comes in.

So yes I need my meds and I’m lucky that I found the right cocktail! Maybe I won’t ever need hospital again…maybe… :blush:


As I change, my medicine needs to be changed.

Typically, I need the most antipsychotic in August and the least antidepressant in August.

Typically, in December I need the most antidepressant and the least antipsychotic.