What its like to live my life

I hear men and women voices repeating my thoughts… Screams and crys…
It makes it difficult to hold my head up straight… The voices are out to hurt me and want to harm me…

I’m so sorry that you going through such a horror.
Do you take medications?
Have you anyone to hold upon when it gets rough?

yes an it works I used to hear men and they would keep me up at night… But now I just hear screams and crying…and the women still repeat my thoughts

It gets better with age. The more experiences I endure, the less the next ones hurts.

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I feel so bad for you. I was thinking about you yesterday.
Here is a big hug!!
Seek another psychiatrist, do more therapy, or upper your dose, I really hope you gonna beat that.

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you get used to it…:heart:
take care :alien: