What It Really Takes to Become a Musician


In my experience, a lot of musicians are broken inside, and music is their way to heal themselves, and hopefully others in the process.

Music has always been the very best for me, when I just happened to be the one holding the guitar… Everyone is on the same page


I wish I had a natural talent for singing because it looks pretty therapeutic

I’m getting tired of my instrument. I’m a drummer I’ve been playing for 20 years but my heart doesn’t care about drums anymore

oh I don’t know what I’d do without playing and singing to my instruments…banjo and guitar…I play the guitar every day and sing for my gf in the mornings when I get up in time…play the banjo about every week or so to keep in practice for my shows I do semi annually with another bluegrass flat picking guitarist.


Its not too late to try something else.


Something other than music perhaps yes I’ve thought about it

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The only exposure I had to music growing up was listening to whatever my parents had on the radio.

Band and music lessons in general were out of the question in childhood as my parent’s financial priorities beyond food, shelter, and clothing was beer and cigarettes.

Despite my early limitations I managed to teach myself the didgeridoo through informal means. I’m not a virtuoso but ten years of practice can work wonders.


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My Dad is sort of Good with the guitar. He tried to teach me at one point. I also tried myself but it was a hopeless situation. Didn’t get far with it. I’m quite good at knowing when to quit something early instead of wasting time.

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I wish I had your talent. I’ve wasted a lot of time with a lot of things and people.

I mean in the past in terms of relationships I’ve made some serious mistakes though. Possibly serious enough to contribute to my psychosis. But we learn from this isn’t it, at least we try to…

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I meant I wish I had your talent in knowing when to quit. I’ve stayed in hopeless schools, colleges, trainings, lifestyles, musical instruments and relationships for years and years, spinning my wheels, not getting anywhere nor succeeding (due to my sza).

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It’s Not Really That Much of A Mystery. Music Is Either A Driving Force In You, Or It Isn’t.

You May, (As A Musician), Hear Music In A Different Unique Way Perhaps.

But It Usually Starts At A Young Age. Something Grabs Your Attention. And Jus Becomes Your All And Everything In Life. And Mixed With Personal Experiences. And Growing, Learning More About Yourself & Technical Standpoint Of Artists Experimenting And Inspiring. Wakes You Up On A Different Level Yourself. Kinda Like Tennis. Back And Forth In The Pool Of Inspiration.

Not To Mention Always Exciting To Pick Up Your Favorite Instrument And Explore.

So Much To Learn.

I’m Rambling. But!, I See It As Thus. You Either, (Much Like Any Other Job Or Sport), You Either Are Interested To Be A Musician, OR!, One Of An Artist’s Beloved Fans.

Either Or, No One Loses!. . . . . . .

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Well, @ATARI , I could be called a student musician (with a lot of anxiety and hang ups). So, I’m more in the in between category of musician and fan. Although I don’t listen to very much music except a bit of contemporary piano music.

Whatever Keeps You Hanging On To Remain Hopeful And Positive. . . . . . .


Or just a new instrument if thats what interests you.

Sorry to hear that SkinnyMe but I’m sure you’ve at least had some good and worthy experiences during that time.

I’m the same with past relationships didn’t know how and when to quit for various reasons :((

That’s what I meant

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I’m just in it for the groupies.

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