What it mean to pursue work?

It mean good days and bad days
It is hard to deal with people everyday
Its burden over you
It is mean good and bad times
Thank you

Everyone wants to have a high paying job with alot of responsibility but its alot of stress and does them harm. Wrong field is dangerous.


I started to get sick while going to college pursuing the wrong career for me. I could do the work but I was unhappy and the illness took over my life so much that I quit school 4 classes short of graduating. Then I tried a job at a big name retail store.

The first couple of months were easy I was just a cashier in lawn and garden. After summer was over they moved to softlines or clothes third shift sales associate. I hated it! I got worse and worse until finally I was found hiding in the back because the voices scared me.

The added stress of deadlines and order with more responsibility just was too much

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