What is your worst problem aside from schizophrenia?

Mine is that I am the last male in my family tree. If I dont have a son, my line is dead. Being schizophrenic and bisexual doesnt help the whole reproducing thing. It hurts, it’s something people dont know about me and it makes life feel unfair- I don’t believe in life being fair anyways.

Staying afloat through all the ups and downs and sideways. Maintaining my level of functioning.

Of course. It was never written anywhere or gaurenteed that life would be fair.

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nice to see you back, i hope things are going well for you.
to the question…mine are my scars on my head , self inflicted…a constant visual wound.
take care

cognitive impairment is the worst problem apart from SZ. This problem leads to me not able to hold down a job.

bipolar disorder is my second worst problem besides schizophrenia

All my problems come from schizophrenia or medicines I take. I’ve been this way since I was 11. I don’t know anything else.

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Being an unmarried liberal woman with no kids in the south, is my top problem. I have loneliness and a lack of support that a significant other would provide. I’m scared to get in a relationship now, because of how I am and what happened in the past.

I had a long-term relationship with a guy who held me back and was selfish and subversive. I was afraid to leave. I was afraid of being alone. I let it drag on. I wasted all my energy trying to make things better. He quit his job while I had 2 and was going to college full time.

Lack of friends or family and isolation. Not much of a support system outside my mom who calls a few times a week.

Mine is emphysema – C.O.P.D.

mine is phobias - and my dislike of driving

I’m 55, and by now it is apparent that I am not going to have children. Maybe that’s for the best. My worst problem besides sz is my personality, though that is hard to separate from my mental illness. Any time I am around people I go rigid and start talking in this monotone, and they start yawning. It’s very boring.

My worst problem apart from the paranoid PD is social interaction difficulties.

My 2nd biggest problem is that I’m not a billionaire.

Though realistically, I don’t have any problems really. Anything that I would consider as a problem is really just an unrealistic want/desire that I need to reevaluate. Even the SZA, it’s just an interesting part of the story of my life.

Say the paper that “The Starry Night” was painted on didn’t like the color blue. The blue paint is not a problem, it is an important color used to represent the beauty of the painting.

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I feel that most all of the issues I want to change about myself are a direct stem from my Sz.

Lack of self confidence… my catastrophic thinking… my suspicion of so many people, my lack of social interaction on my own… all due to my Sz.

All my other problems are just life… family chaos… the mishaps and misunderstandings that happen with all relationships that are just amping up… the feeling of not having enough money, the frustration with some of the school administration… fighting insurance for new glasses…

I wouldn’t say “it’s not fair”

I’d say… that’s life… we ALL go through it.

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XD If I become a multi-billionaire I’ll let you have 1


I have an inherited gut-related issue with gluten. Other grains seem to be just as bad, so I’m living on a mostly-meat, veggie, and fish diet; which of course can be expensive. Also the air is very thick here and seems to lack oxygen. Just 45 miles due east the air is so much better and I always feel so clear and focused. I’m thinking this could be related to the extensivity of sz issues.

I often feel quite lonely, I have friends and on the weekends I am always out late with them like a typical 21 year old, I have a buddy who I watch anime and just chill with, I have friends who like to party, I have a nerdy couple of friends, I have some wild friends who are in a band together, I have a social life, and I am starting a long-distance thing with a guy, he just finished a 3 week program for school and says he is coming in town soon. I saw him in person after talking to him for like two months and we really hit it off well. I often feel like I just want to settle down, I have friends who have significant others and they live more peaceful lives. I really like this guy I am sort of dating- he knows about my illness and sees me doing very well despite it and actually likes me.

One of my friends has been dating a girl for a while now and he seems like he lives a more peaceful life, they don’t stay out super late and do crazy stuff like some college age kids. He’s the one who I chill out and watch anime with, he was my lifting buddy for a while until he got a girlfriend and quit paying for the gym, lol. I just see myself as emotionally older than I really am and wish I could move on in life, but I am stuck being 21 years old, only halfway through undergrad and feeling a little like a shell of a person when I am not around other people.

But I do stay around other people who are friendly or friends. I changed gyms to workout with some guys from junior high who are now bodybuilders, for example. I spent yesterday with my family and had a great time seeing my cousins, some of whom are my age and in college too and some of them are like 4 and 6 years old. I have friends who I can contact when things get dark, friends who have schizophrenia. I just wish that I was 28 years old, out of graduate school and settled down with someone.

I think I have everything that makes a healthy person except for a committed relationship. I compare myself to normal people and they all have something I dont and I have something they dont, usually I have better grades and a better body while they have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

But I still think the whole last-in-my-line thing is my worst problem- I will sometimes be doing just fine, doing something that makes me happy when I realize that I am royally screwed in the game of life no matter what I do- I have bad genes and lose at natural selection.

Same situation here. I have a daughter, no son. Not really worried about it. I am less concerned about her carrying a name forward so much as carrying good values forward. So long as she is a good person who does right by others, that is the best I can hope for as a parent.

Schizophrenia no longer makes my top five list of problems. My number one problem is to not be a negative ■■■■■■■. I fight with that every day. My second problem is physical health. I need to get on top of that.


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I have found an easy fix for that – I limit my social interactions. :smiley:

(Not joking, actually.)


I have an addictive personality, and bulimia and substance abuse issues. I always want food, coffee, cigarettes, or some substance or alcohol to make me feel better. I feel like I don’t think I can have a fun day without turning to alcohol. It sucks up so much of my money, I could be saving for the future and donating to charities. I have a strong psychological problem along with psychiatric problems, that I always want to put something in my mouth. It drives me nuts! I wish there were a med for that.

I could manage my money so much better without the bulimia, but I feel powerless to change. It’s been 23 years and counting! Hey, I got myself off the Ativan, though. Now I drink cup after cup of decaf all day long! I wish I could satisfy that beast once and for all!