What is your ultimate feel good motto?

Mine is

-I am enough.

It’s what I’ve written at the front of my journal book.


I’m tired of feeling I’m not good enough.

Tired of feeling I ought to be more.

Tired of competition.

I am simply enough.

Why not?

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If I don’t ultimately feel I’m enough, that’s when I start to feel 2 much pressure.

I remember pressure was a topic that came up in my psychosis too.

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A baby never wonders if they are enough.

We all are enough.

How are you doing today @Zoe ?



I’m doing okay today. Currently working on figuring out my core values.

In an hour, I have an appointment with a new job specialist.

After midday I will be relaxing. :slight_smile:

Hope you’ve adapted well to being back home… :house_with_garden:


Yeah. I’m adapting smoothly.

Good luck with the employment specialist.

I hope they can help in finding something that suits.

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“I am enough” sounds to me that you still want to compete in some aspects of your life. Like I’m enough to compete (and possibly do well?) in certain areas with other people.

“I am enough” sounds to me like you’re validating yourself to compare yourself to others. I don’t think thinking this way will adress what is troubling you…

Why not withdraw yourself from competition altogether? Why not just let it go?
You know how good it feels a big and sincere ■■■■■ you, I’m not going to do it” to the world?

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Oh OK. We look at it differently.

For me it’s saying. Regardless of what anyone thinks, I am enough. Thus, regardless of the competition some1 may be part of, I have already won, because I am enough.

We are all winners, because it’s nature to try our best to avoid suffering and be content. We just have different circumstances that’s all.

We are all enough. But that’s up to others to believe it’s not my responsibility to believe it for them. That’s exhausting.

But for me, I am enough, yes

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That’s completely wrong btw. We win at some stuff and we lose in other stuff. It. seems to me that you value things you need to compete for.

That’s wrong as well. You don’t make the rules. And the rules influence you more than is healthy.

To be fair I like a little bit of competition. But it’s not for everyone.

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I mean generally, at life.

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I don’t know what winner at life means…

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It’s just an expression to imply that I don’t need to feel too much pressure to impress some1 cos I’m already fine how I am.

Im a conscientious person who just wants to enjoy life, be, relax, explore etc.

Why should I stress about getting approval from someone. Basically.

I should just care to get approval from myself, which I do, and consider others opinions but not be enslaved to that, because I’m OK.

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Nothing is perfect. The point is if we are trying our best, why overstress for things we can’t control. It’s a waste of precious energy.

Just focus on what we can do.

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Yes some stress is normal, and can even be a form of motivation, but no point of overdoing it with stress if trying my best.

Easier said than done but it’s a learning curve.

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Hakuna matata! :boar:
It’s a wonderful phrase
It means no worries!
For the rest of your day!


s**t rolls down hill

This reminds you that what lands on your desk is not personal just life


Mine is “this to will pass” helps me get through this thing called life.

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“It’s never over”

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“At least I’m not Walter Summerford”

Walter Summerford: The Unluckiest Man in the World – Burials & Beyond.

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