What is your story?

I believe anyone going thru this (pain, agony, wanting to be believed, taken seriously, panic attacks, memory problems, feeling brain dead, fear of dying, not enjoying life, praying for peace of mind, being possessed, being harrassed) has their own story. What is your story?

My story?

I came, I saw, I conquered…and then I ended up in a blue nightgown at a Psychiatric Hospital.


my story…hmm…I got sick in 1997, lost a career in architecture…tried to take my life a couple of times each time I tried to work in my field and failed…stopped beating myself up over that and got over it…then I had a panic attack from hell and it debilitated me fiercely until I worked it out in my head that there is nothing to fear. Now I take my disability check with pride and live in a small town with my girlfriend and two dogs…here I am…sigh…I guess that’s all for now.

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I started to become ill in 2009 but didn’t get full blown mentally ill until april 2010. I was hospitalized and given Haldol injections the second time I was hospitalized but they didn’t keep me on that med which was stupid since I responded well too it. anyway that’s all for now besides I live with my partner of 8 years and her parents who treat us like cash cows.

I call foul!!!
Plagiarism or coincidence?

Don’t make me look up my proof.

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Once upon a time in Whoville, there was a schizophrenic man.

I am Sam. Sam I am, and I would like some green eggs and ham.

I wish I could say I lived happily ever after.

Lost my identity was part of my first of several episodes. I’d have preferred not to experience becoming jesus and losing my own identity and when your whole family is just crying and your just jesus smiling and saying “it’s ok your being healed” and then morphing back to yourself and so forth. Yep not ideal.

Wait wonder dunk are you a female?

Perfect imperfection



I used to try to rest my head on my mom’s shoulder in church she shrugged wouldn’t allow

My kids dad arm around me in church

No don’t touch me

My brother and me as teens down Seminole drive
To church in Orlando

Started it with OK where is everyone from

Oh Iowa

Standing knealing up and down

Little air

I’m gonna pass out

Going under in church

Mom says stop it what’s wrong with you

Clammy going to faint

Grandma there and calls me out

Nothing but floor to ceiling

Rare blood history baby

My mother rh negative