What is your sexual orientation

Thnks @LevelJ1 and @rogueone for your opinions. I appreciate it.

Yes communication is important @LevelJ1 but what is the point if I have trouble trusting with men and relationships.
Idk. I still think I need to be gay. Even if it ends up just being a phase.

You are totally right women find others attractive too, not just men, however it still bothers me I feel pressure on me a negative pressure and like I’m lacking.


I don’t want to feel like that because it makes me ill physically and mentally. How can I be intimate with someone when I feel I’m lacking something they want that someone else has. That perhaps they talk to.

Perhaps I’m overthinking, but I don’t know how to stop it.

I will talk to my counsellor…

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Straight male when i m not feeling asexual.i don t like man but homosexuality is interesting idea.i dont understand why homogenic relations so damned by nature and societies and with our souls despite the it has too much deep roots with creativity.that s interesting.does this creativity comes from this cursed feeling.i m confuse.

Yea people like what they are not allowed to like. Forbidden love.

However I do think gayness is being accepted more now.

I do notice myself looking twice when I see a gay couple. Idk. I guess I’m curious about what it’s all about

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It depends on the position. Sometimes I’m vertical, sometimes I’m horizontal.



I dont feel like it’s a phase though. It feels for life.

Bi male, kinda cis.

Have you explored these issues with a therapist? Sorry to be blunt, but if you were a lesbian, wouldn’t you know by now?

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No we haven’t explored it in therapy. But I think we will soon. I don’t know if I should know by now.
Ive got to experience being open to that kind of relationship first?
That’s how I feel


I’m a straight woman.

I’ve been bisexual and biromantic all my life. But ever since I was 55, I’ve been asexual. I’m 60 now.

So your basically a gps :smile:

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It doesn’t matter. I don’t get out much.

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i dont have sexual drive,i used to be in relationships when i was old now anyway.

I am a boring old heterosexual. Been with my partner for 13 years now.

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Straight female.

My horrible fear of men left me when I found my husband and my meds killed my sex drive.

He’s asexual and has mild autism

Don’t give up on men if you haven’t yet met a shy guy


I also started dating a dude many years ago. It was fun and everything but then sza and depression really kicked my nuts in. But after all said and done it was still a great experience. However, I did learn that I don’t feel strongly for either gender. I think back to high school and the start of puberty where I never, ever had a jaw dropping moment where I thought either sex was romantically attractive. I see beauty in people sure but I never saw attraction. Was frustrating for the longest time but I feel comfortable being who I am.

Just thought I’d share.


Those that are dating: do you have stable income, your own place, and can be socially pleasant and with good social skills?

OK so I’ve given up on being gay it feels quite weird.

Idk what I am.

For now I’m just nothing.

Maybe I’m destined to be nothing.

Time will tell.