What is your sexual orientation

I am a gay asexual.
Because whenever I get in a relationship with a man I worry so much, that I now believe that I am not designed for this kind of relationship. The worrying and stress puts me off. I end up stress eating and going psychotic.

And sex just doesn’t feel natural to me. Nor does the lead up to it in a relationship. It feels stressful and shameful and disgusting. And there’s a chance that it messes with my energy.

What about those of you who are open about it.


You can’t be gay just because you fail at relationships. Relationships regardless of sexual orientation are hard. Gay or not relatiinships are the same difficulty. They’re not for everybody. I also failed at relationships but in my case its the schizophrenia and being unable to work. I don’t know what’s the issue for you.


Do you feel attracted sexually to females like you?

I’m a straight man.
Can’t stand hardly anyone.
I have a girlfriend with a lot in common.
Even though I admit I don’t spend enough time with her.
Whatever. :neutral_face:

Straight male, but I accept those of all orientations.

I haven’t had a girlfriend in forever – don’t think my schizophrenia mixes well with relationships, whether they be friendly or romantic. Oh well, I’m content being alone.

I am bisexual and nonbinary. I used to be asexual, but after my gender confirmation surgery, I have started to experience attraction for the first time.


im straight but not interested in sex, not opposed to it really but that may change i just got too much going on in my brain to look for or care about sex. plus i cant even really hold a conversation irl i am too dysfunctional.

I personally believe that gay relationship would be something I could tolerate, hypothetically speaking. I have yet to dive into one though to see.

And regarding your question if I am sexually attracted to females, I don’t think so. I am asexual. That doesn’t mean I think sex is bad. It just means it’s not for me.

I am just saying that if relationships with men are hard for you, it doesn’t mean that with a female its easier. I had these thoughts and sexual difficulties in the past while on Abilify. Risperdal reduced my sex drive and now I feel more stable sexually and know that I am straight.

When I say I’m gay, I just mean that I can imagine myself becoming attracted to a female enough to go into a relationship with her (asexual), unlike with a guy.


Could you elaborate what you mean by your experience? Unless it’s personal

Are you attracted to guys? It needs to be natural and not because its hard with the other sex. On Abilify I was hypersexual and thought that being gay is easier. I had a gay friend but when he said he had feelings for me I told him that I just like girls so he blocked me on facebook. I can’t cheat on my emotions.


I worry about my body and looks with men TOO much.

I get stressed about the thought of what they are thinking about other females

I get stressed about not being able to read their mind about how they feel about me and other women.

I’m just a ■■■■■■■ stress ball when in a relationship with a man.

You lack confidence and because of this I don’t think it will be easier with a female. You can try but I don’t think it works that way. Schizophrenia also destroyed my self confidence and made me dumber.

Yes I do get attracted to men, but as soon as I go into a relationship with one, I am put off by my stress thoughts…

So that leaves women.

I’m just not designed to be with a guy.

To be honest I’m not ecstatic about this realisation atm. But give it some time and I will adapt.

Maybe you’re just not designed to be in relationships other than friends? That’s what I think of myself.

Yes Aziz that’s true I lack confidence. But tbh I think I will always lack confidence with men. But for some reason I think it could be different with females. I’m not sure why. Maybe cos I’m a female myself so I feel less afraid of unknown, @Aziz

I’m a panromantic asexual. I get crushes pretty easily and gender doesn’t matter.

However I don’t experience sexual attraction.

My boyfriend is very sweet and understanding of me and I think I’m starting to feel attracted to him though…

So i might be demisexual but I’m not too worried about the label

I’m gay and realized this when I was 17. I don’t have much to say about it other than I’ve always been attracted to men. I’ve been in two relationships before it was legal to get married. The first for two years, the second for ten years. I’m 61 now and single.


Despite being a fan of postgenderism and queer theory I’m really a primitive man capable only of feeling sexual attraction for the paleolithic venus type.