What is your relationship with yourself?

Are you happy being yourself ?

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i am but I’m also a perfectionist so there is a lot of constant pushing to better myself and overachieve.

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Non-committal :crazy_face:


What does it mean ? :upside_down_face:

I’m not ready to make it permanent yet.


My relationship with myself has its ups and downs.


some days yes i am happy with myself others i wish i was never born. just varies day by day sometimes changes by the hour


I’m in trouble.

I have problems, symptoms of sz, huge deficits.

I’m not happy being myself, not at all.

I want to change.

I have to become better version of me at the moment.

I have to learn to fly.

I have to I have to I have to I have to become butterfly.

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There are things I want to change, I just can’t seem to find the motivation to push those changes.

My relationship with myself is adversarial, but less so now than in years passed. I’m learning to care for myself more and take less blame for things.
I wish I had been able to be more compassionate sooner.

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ive matured so much the past 8 years

I’m not too happy with myself, but I have come to terms with who I am.


My relationship with myself is so-so and reducing altercation with self imo is one of the keys to treating sz (but I digress)

I haven’t. How did you do it, please tell me.

im inlove with myself…:heart_eyes:

My relationship with myself?
My feats are not so grand, but considering the circumstances I am doing my best.
The most important thing for me to say is that I am doing my best all the time,
I am doing my best through thick and thin.
So overall I am happy with myself, because no other person would do better than me if he were in my shoes.

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I let go of wanting to be someone I’m not. I still strive to improve, but I no longer set unrealistic goals for myself.

A person can become very good at telling themself they’re not good enough, even if they wouldn’t hold others to the same standard.
I worked hard on letting go of those unrealistic standards for myself.

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For me it’s often one of despair, but as time goes by it’s becoming more one of resignation

Thank you, and I understand you NOW. But the very next moment, I realize i can’t do it.
My deficits are shadowing my new life, I am walking talking sz. I can’t break out from this sz personality. I want to break from it, I work as much as i can to break from it, but i’m always back to the drawing board.

@kuckuckuc I wish you success in your quest.
You should have immense reserves of willpower and patience.
Try again and again.
You have nothing to lose, so long as you are alive keep struggling and trying to meet your goals.
The most important thing is that you have not lost your fighting spirit,
you need to keep that fire alive!